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Features of driving in Georgia

Arriving in Georgia, a large number of tourists willing to take advantage the car for rent. This is true, because there are so many interesting places , in Georgia that are worth seeing in time to at least partially see the country without a car in any way.

The first thing that makes every tourist who reads information on car rental companies, later watching the price, well, the last thing is reading the forums about the country on the subject of where to go and what is a movement in Georgia. Most forums is full of information about the drivers cabs in Georgia, about how there drive cars and that in general it is impossible to ride. We wrote this article for the purpose, so that you understand how and what is happening in Georgia, how to ride, what to fear. The main aspects of driving are.

The speed limit on roads

Absolutely everywhere there are signs with restrictions on speed, if you're in town or on the highway, you will always have the speed limit set in a sign. Despite the fact that in the city you can travel at speeds of 60 km/h, there are areas where it is permissible driving at high speed, all even 60 km/h signs adjusted.

The default permissions on the speed:

  1. City areas - 60 km/h
  2. Roads - 90 km/h
  3. Highway - 110 km/h

The length of the highway with a speed permission of 110 km/h is only from Tbilisi to Batumi and only the first 70 km, then high-speed road sections are being built.

Speed negotiation

The law allows to make 14 km/h speed more than set on a sign. Be careful and pay attention to the possible error of the speedometer of the car, do not exceed the rate of more than 10 km/h.

Police hiding in the bushes

You will not find any police post along the road, or hidden in the car, hoping to catch you speeding on, all this is done by automatically radars on the road. The police are constantly patrolling the highway, street and city, if you make any violation (except high speed), you’ll be stopped.

Major penalties when you are stopped by the police

Very often you are stopped by the police and fined if you:

  1. Not wearing a seat belt
  2. Talking on a cell phone while driving
  3. Crossed a solid line marking
  4. Drive the red light on a city lights
  5. Alcohol or drugs using while driving

Fasten your seat belt

It is imperative to use a seat belt. Using the belt is mandatory for the driver and passengers in the front and rear passengers can not be fastened. The same is not mandatory to use child seats. The fine for not wearing a seat belt is 40 GEL.

Talking on mobile

If you are driving and talking on a cell phone, you will be fined. The fine is 10 GEL.

Throw out the trash

If you have garbage, such as a pack of cigarettes, or simply you decide to bite the ice cream in the car and out of habit to throw a candy wrapper out the window, beware if this fact will be seen by the police, you will get a fine from 120 to 400 GEL. Do not pay attention to anyone who throws trash out the window, sometimes it does go unpunished, but do not feel happy in it.

Do not go out of the car

If you are stopped by the police - do not leave your vehicle. All the rules are similar to US police regulations. You stop, stay in the car and keep both hands on the steering wheel, the policeman will come to you by himself and ask for documents. Coming out of the car will be regarded as an attack on the police and the police will be able to use a weapon against you.

These violations of turning a blind eye

There are a number of violations that are punishable by Administrative Code, but it is very often go unpunished even in the presence of police. These are violations:

  1. Do not commit to stop at a stop sign
  2. Do not miss a pedestrian at a crosswalk

Police loyal to such violations, but it is not necessary to try his luck, intentionally committing such actions.

Documents that will be asked from the tourist by police

If you are a tourist and are driving car taken for rent, you will be asked to present the following documents if police patrol stops:

  1. Driving license
  2. Your passport - always asked
  3. The certificate of registration on the car

Please note that the passport must be carried, the police will check the validity of your data, it is even more primary, than a driver's license.

Photo fixing fines

Cameras fixed all the rules negotiations. Always on the road and in the city there is a sign that warns that in this area can be made photo or video fixation violations. With photo fixing you will not see any flashes or clicks, you will be photographed automatically and your fine will fall into the police database.

Cameras record such violations:

  1. Speeding
  2. The intersection stop lines at traffic lights

To drive a car without a driver’s license

Anyone with Georgian driver's license may drive a car without a license. All information about the driving licenses are in the police base, because it does not carry mandatory. If you just decide to drive without a driver's license or have forgotten it, you will receive a fine of 750 GEL and the same fine will be received by car owner. We do not recommend to ride a car without a driver's license.

Pay a fine

If you receive a fine from police, pay it in any bank. If the fine is not paid within 14 days, it is double, then triple, and so on, up to 500 GEL.

Do not pay a penalty

There is a category of people who think that they will not pay the fine. Why do this, simply left at the border if not asked, then all is well. Moreover, why pay for it, if the photo fixing came 2 weeks after you have left Georgia. In principle, your logic is correct, but it is wrong. We had a few customers who did exactly what we called them several times said the fine and offered to pay for them, so they returned to us the money transfer, but followed by a refusal or silence. Our employees sent all rental contracts and copies of customer documents to the police, after which a penalty has been put completely on the client, who used the car during the formation of the fine. The client arrived after 1 year in Georgia, on the border of it was said nothing and he did not meet with the company who told him about the penalty, appealed to our colleagues who gave him a car, but 2 days later the client was stopped by police for any petty offense. The police checked the customer's data and dropped him out of the car forced to pay a fine of 600 USD, and the car was taken to the penalty area. Why? According to Georgian legislation, if the fine is not paid by the originator for 6 months, the perpetrator is automatically deprived of the driving license, you have a client on the Law of Georgia was without a valid driver's license, as stripped of his correspondence, which led to a fine of 600 USD. The fine was paid, paid services to the penalty area and lost ½ day to the police. That's a fine of 30 USD has become a fine of 600 USD. Pay fines, and if you do not know how, contact your bank or ask any of our manager, he will do everything for you.

Rapid drivers

Do not be afraid to get used to the movement in Georgia very quickly. But it is necessary to be vigilant, very often are not met: usually the main road, a pedestrian crossing, pass through two solid on the pass, where the road is very narrow. Manage your car following the rules, everything will be OK.

Do you still have questions? Write to us, we consecrate them as part of our articles.

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