Rent a car in Kutaisi


Kutaisi is the historical heart of Georgia, one of the largest and most ancient places, where two parts of the city are surprisingly combined – modern and ancient. A trip around the surroundings will open to the tourist not only picturesque places and many historical sights, but also captivate with national cuisine and wine.


The best time to travel is from July to September, when the temperature is not too high for hiking and long drives, and there is a minimum chance of catching strong winds and thunderstorms. So that the weather does not disrupt your vacation plans, and you enjoy the beauties of Kutaisi to your heart's content, we recommend lease a car with air conditioning and comfortable seats for you and your company.

The car rental service in Kutaisi will be of interest primarily to tourists who arrive at the international airport named after David Agmashenebeli.

Recently, it has been accepting many planes of the budget airline Wizz Air, with the help of which a huge number of tourists get to Georgia at a completely low price of air travel. The main flows of tourists from Ukraine, Poland, and Russia pass through the Kutaisi airport.

If you have just arrived in Kutaisi, you can get to other cities, for example, Batumi or Tbilisi, by taxi or shuttle buses (minibus), they depart directly from the airport terminal. The distance to Tbilisi is about 5 hours drive or 250 - 270 km, but to Batumi it is shorter - 2-3 hours and only 170 km.

The number of tickets sold for buses is limited, so if you miss it, the transport will leave without you. Drivers do not work according to some strict schedule; they are clearly tied to flights. If you are late for your bass, the only alternative is to go to Kutaisi and there already seek your fortune on a minibus that goes to other cities. The cost of a taxi is not high at first glance, but you need to bargain, as the drivers want to charge you double the fare.

Kutaisi center of the city

Booking, delivery and transfer

A good alternative to all of the above is rental, especially if the price is pleasant for the client. Book a car on the website or visit one of the company's offices, where there are always promotions or discounts for lease services. Transfer to the airport, train station, river port or any other specified location is also available. The company can easily deliver or return the car at the specified location so that you do not have to go to the office of hire.

Price – how to get cheaper

The price of hire depends on the selected conditions, the brand and class of the car, as well as the rental period. The longer period, the cheaper the cost per car per day will be: the best price for a long term, from 30 days. You can pre-order the delivery of the car to Kutaisi Airport and immediately go to the desired point by car, without delay and without being tied to schedules and public transport. Believe, you will not find a more convenient transport for intercity trips. In addition, you are free in time and in choosing routes, and you can even plan out-of-town trips, which will make your vacation even more colorful and eventful.

View of Kutaisi from the hill

Car selection

If there is a problem with choosing a vehicle or there is no understanding of what is best for hire, then our manager will be happy to help you decide on the class and model. Based on the type of travel (city trips, mixed city and country trips, mountain trips, intercity trips), key priorities and budget, you will be selected the best option available. A large fleet of vehicles allows you to choose the right car for even the most demanding customers. Many of them come back to us next year and recommend the company to their friends.

Do not think that renting a vehicle is expensive and difficult. As a rule, a leased car saves from 30% of your time on vacation or business trip, and booking takes only a few minutes. A small fee for the absence of exhausting hiking trails, trips in stuffy unventilated buses and not always interesting excursions.

What you need to know before ordering

Hire-Auto offers modern cars for hire without a driver, but, if necessary, you can lease any car with a driver who knows the city well and, if necessary, will help build a tourist route. Before booking, we recommend that you pay attention that the rental is carried out by the day, not by the hour.

You can get acquainted with the conditions of car lease on our website, the fleet is also quite diverse and is represented by various cars from economy class to SUVs, minivans and convertibles.