Rent a car in Batumi


Batumi is one of the best Black Sea resorts, it is the southernmost resort. To visit here means to come to a renewed city, it and Georgia as a whole are simply blooming before our eyes. The construction of modern skyscrapers, a 50-kilometer beach line, and clear sea attract a huge number of tourists every year. In 2022 alone, this tourist and port city was visited by more than 2.5 million tourists, many of whom used the car rental service.

Batumi is not only a center of tourism; it is also the capital of Adjara. The famous Adjarian khachapuri has its homeland here. The area is full of various green areas and parks.

You can get here by plane, boat, rail or car.

Have you arrived in Georgia and are thinking where to lease a car without a driver in Batumi inexpensively? Well, no problem – we have a representative office right in the city.

You can visit our office and immediately order a car rental at a good price. The opportunity to hire transport in Georgia and Batumi has never been so accessible to tourists and local residents as it is now.

Which car is better to choose in Batumi

You can book SUVs for traveling to the mountains and just country trips, convertibles to sunbathe even in the car and smell the sea through the open roof, or an economical sedan, the cost of which will definitely please you. By the way, some of our convertibles have a hard top, so they will be relevant in any weather, not just in summer.

Our fleet contains new modern cars of popular brands such as Ford, Volkswagen, JEEP, Toyota, Subaru and others.

Central Park in Batumi

Advance booking

You can visit our office and choose a free car, but keep in mind that during the season, the choice of your favorite models is reduced, and if you do not book transport in advance, then by the time you arrive in the country, the choice may be very small. If you are planning your trip for the summer, this is just the peak of the season, then it is better to take care of the hire in advance and book exactly the model you want, and not the one that remains in stock.

With leased transport, you can see many more sights and beautiful places, you can go to nearby cities and villages, make a personal route to those corners of the sunny country that are of interest to you. when you rent a car, you can also organize a trip to the mountains, caves, waterfalls or other colorful places, which are many in Georgia. By bus or on foot, you simply will not have time to see all the beauties, so lease is not only convenience and comfort, but also an investment in your vacation and your emotions.

Conditions and service

Car rental in Batumi is carried out on a daily basis, but for customers who are considering a hire for a long time, we will provide the lowest prices. The biggest discount will be for rent from 30 days. Also, if you want to see the sights without being distracted by the road, we can offer you the option of renting a car with a driver. Our Georgian driver will select the best route, recommend beautiful places, tell local stories and deliver to the specified address, you will only have to enjoy the ride in the back seat and be enchanted by the local beauties.

Additional services

In addition to each vehicle, we can offer satellite navigation systems, maps, child seats, in winter – ski racks, chains on wheels for driving in mountainous areas.

Batumi Wonderland Park

Delivery of a car to the address

It will not be difficult for us to deliver the car to a hotel or airport. If you arrive at Batumi airport or any other location, we can deliver the transport directly to the address. Just specify the required date and time when booking a car for hire, and we will certainly deliver it to you on time.


Please note that in addition to renting, we also provide a transfer to any place convenient for you. We will deliver you on time to the airport, train station, seaport or hotel by prior arrangement.

The office in Batumi will also be happy to serve you if you need a car lease in Kobuleti. We can deliver the vehicle to any point you need on the map of Georgia. Delivery and return of the car can also be in different cities by prior agreement.

The form of payment for hire is accepted in any form: cash, electronic money, cards of international payment systems.

We will be glad to see you among our clients.

Parking in Batumi

Parking can be paid on the street or at the bank. Parking can be paid for the whole day, the whole city or for a month/year.

If you are here on vacation, take a weekly parking pass, it is inexpensive but will allow you to park in all places.

The cost of the pass is:

  • 1 day — 10 GEL
  • 1 week — 20 GEL
  • 1 month — 30 GEL
  • 6 months — 45 GEL
  • 1 year — 60 GEL

Fines for non-payment of parking tickets: 50 GEL

Where to choose accommodation in Batumi

Old Town — there are several modern hotels, as well as a couple of new buildings right on the seafront, near the Ferris wheel. Other options are older accommodation. Old Town is colorful, but not always convenient for beach vacations.

New Town is skyscrapers and hotels from Orbi, Metro and other developers. There is a very large selection of accommodation, new apartments with great views. Because of the large number of housing in season, it is hard to park a car, but the beach is very close to you.

Types of accommodation in Batumi

  1. Hotels — there is a large selection of hotels with world famous, as well as private, but quite luxurious. The price is quite high, as for Georgia, but if you want to get a high level of service — welcome
  2. private, small hotels - from freestanding to floors in modern skyscrapers
  3. apartments — of different levels and for different budgets, from old Soviet-era apartments to modern apartments on the beach with panoramic views, on the 50th floor.
  4. guesthouses and hostels

Best time to visit Batumi

Batumi is very humid and it rains often. That's why the best time to visit is July-August. But in high season there are a lot of people on the beach, both tourists and locals. The quieter season is the first half of June or the second half of September. The sea is still or already warm, and there are not so many people on the beaches. Don't forget an umbrella, but the rain ends quickly.