Car rental in Tbilisi

Car rental in Tbilisi

Any country begins with its main city – the capital. In Georgia it is Tbilisi. Every self-respecting company must have its own office in the capital. It does not do without car rental. This service is especially necessary for tourists arriving at the Shota Rustaveli airport. After all, it is very convenient to book a transport before flying to Georgia, and upon arrival immediately get into it and go travelling?! That's the beauty of lease.

Car rental in Tbilisi – tourist help

Hire a car in Tbilisi will not cause any inconvenience. Naturally, the city consists of conditional two parts – the old and the new. If you are a tourist, you are primarily interested in the old city, but it is also worth wandering along the new streets, so with a rental vehicle you can see all the beautiful places and sights.

The capital of Georgia is a very busy city, with an active movement of vehicles. Drivers “fly” with Caucasian agility and honk to each other endlessly, and parking may also be difficult.

If you ordered a car rental service in Tbilisi without a driver, do not despair, we are ready to provide you with some tips on the issue of movement:

  1. Busy and dense traffic on the roads takes a little getting used to. Not that the traffic was very busy, but still, if you came from the outback, then the traffic will shock you a little, but this is only at first glance. In fact, you can travel around the capital with comfort.
  2. "Racing" around the city is also relative – drive a rental car according to the rules of the road, be vigilant and everything will be in order. It is not difficult to order a car of hire in the city or at the Tbilisi airport. We will deliver it to any point and any airport.
Peace Bridge in Tbilisi

Which rental cars are suitable for traveling

There are many picturesque places in the capital, and the whole country is mountainous. Therefore, if you decide to go sightseeing in Tbilisi or drive around the country, we offer you a large selection of models for lease.

These are the machines:

Most people think that for trips around Georgia it is worth stopping exclusively on off-road vehicles, this is not so. 95% of the roads and places where tourists go have excellent road surfaces, so you can easily get anywhere even in the smallest sedan. The remaining 5% of the roads are those where you will have a hard time getting even in an SUV, and we do not recommend that you use a vehicle to travel there. In this case, it is better to use the transfer services from local residents in these areas or walk, as traveling by vehicle is not safe for you.

Extra services

With us you can lease not only a car at an attractive price, regardless of the season and weather, but also purchase other additional services.


For example, transfers to the airport, railway and bus stations are very popular. We will deliver you at the right time to the right place so that you do not waste your nerves on it.

Tbilisi weather rain

Hire with a driver

You can also order a car with a driver who knows the area well and will ensure that you arrive at the places you have planned in the most convenient route and on time. The driver will help you build a colorful route for city and country trips, including the most interesting sights along the way.

If you come to the capital for a long time, we will provide transport at the best price, because the cost of lease from 30 days is one of the lowest. But lease is provided by the day, so we can pick up a car for 1 day.

Hire at Shota Rustaveli International Airport

Order a car delivery directly to Tbilisi Airport to start your journey right away with the comfort that our vehicles provide.

Car return in another city

If your trip involves several places, and you are not going to return to the capital, we can offer the return of the vehicle in another city by prior agreement. With us, hire will be easy.

You can order a rental vehicle by phone both in Georgia, Tbilisi and in other countries – pay attention to the page with our contacts.

Where to live in Tbilisi?

If your goal is tourism, the best neighborhoods are:

  1. old center, Meydan area, Kote Abkhazi and Liberty Square
  2. You can pay attention to the area of Rustaveli Avenue - although it is the center, where the parliament and many excellent hotels are located, you will have to walk 1-2 km to the old center. But if your choice is a fashionable hotel, then Rustaveli is a better choice.
  3. Avlabar is an old Armenian quarter, which is close to the historical center, some 300-400 meters. The neighborhood is historically populated by Armenians. There are a lot of mini hotels here. These are private hotels, see photos, as many are made in old houses because of what is not always a convenient location in the rooms. But it is one of the best areas for the historical center.

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