Terms of rental cars in Georgia

Please see our terms and conditions for car rental. All conditions are specified in the rental agreement there are no additional nuances. Here are the most often asked questions and answers on them.

What do you need to rent a car in Georgia

*In case if the customer haven't minimum driving experience, the deposit will increase, also may be other additional conditions of rent

Valid driver's license

On the territory of Georgia recognized driver's licenses, which are made (or duplicated in Latin letters) and in which there is a category "B". For other certificates, you must have an international driver’s license in addition to your national.

For reference, recognized:

Russian - all (laminated, plastic, all that issued after 1991)
Ukrainian - all issued after 1991
European - all
Turkish – obligatorily those that have category "B"
Other countries where there is a duplication of the Latin and the "B" category

You must have an international driving license for such citizens:

United States
All the other countries of South and North America
Saudi Arabia
Other countries where there is no duplication of the Latin and "B" categories

The daily rental charge includes

Car insurances
The wheels according to the season
The payment for wheels season replacement
Taxes and fees
Another vehicle in the event of a breakdown or accident
All maintenance and routine maintenance of the car for the period of hire
Support by phone 24 hours
Assistance and support in case of accident, including a tow truck, help with the police and health care

That does not include rental fee

- Washing the car upon return
- Payment for parking
- The cost of fuel for the period of hiring a car
- Damage to the vehicle, which are not covered by insurance or not declared to the insurance company and the police
- The loss of documents, keys and the number plate on the car

How we calculate day rental

Calculation of rental begins with the receipt of the vehicle. Day of hire is 24 hours. If you want to use the car for several hours, guests are charged for a full day. 1 hour delay of a car on the returning day is permissible FOR FREE. If you detained a car for more than 1 hour, you would be charged for a full day. ATTENTION!!! If a car is booked and you are not given permission to prolong the rental contract, and you detain the car unilaterally, we can impose a fine in the amount of the deposit, but not less than 300 $. The amount of the penalty will be compensation as we will be obliged to issue a car of higher class or compensate material loss to the next Renter.

Is it possible to rent a car at the incomplete day? How much does it cost? SALE whether the service is and how we can go to you for a meeting on this issue

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The price includes rental insurance:
1. Insurance CDW
2. Insurance of third party liability (analogy of OSAGO, in many countries such insurance is mandatory, in Georgia - no, but we have it)
3. Life insurance and health of the driver and passengers - in the accident medical care free of charge or will reimburse the cost of hospital services

Liability limit

In case of accident (insured event), you run the risk of the size of your mortgage, that is, if the amount of damages exceeds the deposit - the deposit will be withheld if the amount is less than collateral damage, then the deposit will be removed only part of the money to cover the damage.

Question: Will I lose the deposit during an accident? If the accident was not my fault?
Answer: When an incident, regardless of your guilt will be the guarantee of the franchise. Example - the amount of damage to our vehicle is 10000 $, your deposit $ 200, then $ 200, we'll take from you, and the insurance will pay only 9800 $. If the machine is simply scratch the repair cost is $ 100, then you take away only$ 100 and will return you a part of the collateral, that is, if the pledge was 200, receives 200 - 100 = $ 100 refund.
Question: Why do I have to lose $ 200 in an accident, especially if I am not guilty
Answer: The insurance rates for rental cars is very high, everyone wants to pay as little as possible for rent, because if you do not want to risk $ 200, just ask our staff at the desk when you receive a car or during ordering a car buy insurance for the $ 200 and then you do not need to leave deposit. In case of accident you do not lose anything. In the case of your innocence in the incident, we do not get the amount of deductible anyway, and we can only get it from the guilty part that can make you, if you do not want to do it - take the additional insurance.

Additional insurance.A lot of customers want to get a car and the main their requirement is that they want a full 0 in case of an accident.

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When insurance is not working

1. The driver was not entered in the contract of hire
2. Driving without a license or with certificate if there is not set category "B" (such driver’s license have citizens of United States, Canada, United Arab Emirates)
3. Water hammer - engine seizure due to ingress of water (driven in a large puddle, river, sea).
4. The driver use the alcohol or drug intoxicated, under the influence of pharmatic drugs, which reduce reaction
5. The use of a car in off-road conditions, where special driving skills are required, including the places that are specified in the contract as prohibited
6. Loss of keys, registration documents for the car
7. Puncture or cut wheels (if it is not caused by the accident)
8. Hide or leaving the scene
9. Committing a crime on rental car
10. Transportation of outsize cargo, poisons, substances that may be transported only in special circumstances
11. Damage to the vehicle as a result of failure to comply with the police, including the pursuit
12. The damage caused in the areas of fighting, mass rallies, demonstrations and protests

Currency of payment

Paid rental service and a pledge in the national currency of Georgia - GEL if you have a currency, our staff will help you with the exchange.

Rates on our website are quoted in $ are paid at the rate of TBC Bank of Georgia on the day of payment.

Form of payment for hire

Non-cash payment to the account of the company
Payment through the site map

Payment methods, features

It is not allowed to pay rental and deposit amount by various methods.

If you use a bank card to pay a deposit, you also need to pay the rent with the help of a card, you can not pay a deposit via card, and service via cash
If you pay the deposit in cash, then you also need to pay the rental in cash, we will not accept payment the card for rent, if you want to leave a deposit in cash
If you used the early booking service and paid the rental in advance through the site, the deposit will be left only in cash upon receipt of the car - this is prescribed in the conditions of early booking

Price for rent

Rate on the car rental depends on the car type and quantity days. The longer you take the car the cheaper you pay. You can use our special promo for some categories of cars. Every promo we put on our web.

We propose discount in case you use early booking, read more

Question: I want new car with automatic transmition for a very cheap price. I am ready to pay 5 $ a day. Can you help me.
Answer: The price listed in the price fully justified, we can paint you every penny (cent) of which is the price, than you may want to pay us more than it is written. Of course everyone has the desire to buy the best as cheaply as possible, and we are to do this, - offer vehicles better than the other rental companies, at a bargain price.
Question: It is cheaper reach place by bus or to buy car than to rent it.
Answer: public transportation has been and will be cheaper, since it is not a personal service. The biggest plus of hire: it is convenient and save your time, because paying a rent for a car you do not always win in the price absolutely in comparison with the cost of public transportation, on foot, you pay for the convenience and time savings - the greatest and irreplaceable asset.

Discounts on car rental

Discounts are available on the rental period (more take - less pay), as indicated in our section cost car hire. Additional discounts may be offered to regular customers, both in the form of discounts on the cost of the rental car and the free provision of additional services.

Question: I want to rent a car for 12 days. Do you provide additional discount for this period?
Answer: According to our price, discount is already included according to your rental period. Additional discount may be available if you take a car not a first time by our company.
Question: I will be your regular customer, and will often take rental cars. Can you make me additional discount on car rental?
Answer: we can make you an additional discount when you'll be our customer. "We agree, but only after the wedding!"

Reservations, cancellations

You can book a car in any convenient way:

For booking please specify the class of car, the desired car, the gearbox you want (automatic or manual), the place of receipt and return the car.

Reservation is set on the class of the car and on the transmition, you choose. For example, chose the Mitsubishi Colt with automatic gearbox, economy class, on arrival you can receive Colt or Micra Nissan, or Jazz Honda, or a Mercedes A class, all with automatic gearbox, according to earlier agreed price.

The Company reserves the right to raise your car class unilaterally and without warning, with the price of the rental will not be recalculated, if you have ordered an economy class, and we give you a SUV - the car will be issued at a price of economy class.

Question: Why do you make reservation only for class? I want a particular car, I want Nissan Micra with the engine 1.4, instead of 1.2, as I am going to visit the village at mountains.
Answer: The whole principle of the booking class and its relevance comes from two rules that due to the car rental business, namely:
    1. If we promise a specific car or color, or engine, but the car that is set for you, 2 days before you pay to receive it, returns to us with the damage. In this case, we need to call you and offer another vehicle. As a result, it turns out that for the customer, we are liars, we tricked you specifically give what we want, etc ...... all these questions we have heard, even when we were very young company, because in order to avoid these incidents we try to give you your desired car, but always take the booking class and transmition. Excuse us for this.
    2. If you do not care about our first statement, and guided by «you have a lot of other cars», so after my order we have no right to receive other orders for this cars. In this case, we have to stop car rental to the set car after we received your order.
That is why the whole world is moving towards the practice of the booking cars on class. Those promises to have a specific car or color, usually have companies that use only one car in this class.
Question: Can I book a specific car or only a specific color of the car?
Answer: If it is so fundamental and necessary only because you specified, only this brand and the color - we are ready to give only the car that you want, but we will ask you to pay additional money on a vehicle. Supplements can be rather big, so we stopped the car and stop rental for this car, especially because of your strict requirement. You will simply be a VIP customer.
Question: In the middle class there are cars on 55 and 60 $, I want to order BMW for 60 $, but you take orders on class, so I can receive Nissan Teana for 60 $, but in the price it costs 55 $?
Answer: No, each class has subclasses, if you have an order for $ 60, then we will issue or BMW or equivalent for $ 60, cheaper machine can issue only agreeing with you.
Question: I have booked a car at your site by filling out the form, what do I do next? I am sure will be welcomed at the airport? I'm flying with a baby and do not want surprises.
Answer: Once you have filled out the form on our website, a copy of your filling is send autimatically to your e-mail, within a few hours (if it is holiday, no more than 24 hours), you will receive a calculation of hire with all the services and an offer for additional services. Adjust your order and send us your passport and driver's license (scan copy), or simply information (number, when and by whom issued, a series of documents issued, your name, date of birth). When the settlement is approved by you and does not require adjustments places bookings and we will send you a unique booking number that will be a guarantee of reservation. You 100% will be met, you will receive only pleasant surprises. We ask you to read these conditions, then it is easier for us to communicate with you, because you have read the contract and know all the conditions.

Advance payment for booking

Advanced payment, order cancelation Read more

Early booking

We propose service of early booking. You can receive a car with a discount if you pay the rent amount in full size via web. Read more

Office working hours

The office is open from Monday till Friday from 09 to 17 hours (9 AM to 5 PM). The car can be obtained during the period from 08 am to 19 pm Monday till Friday without any additional payments, at another time, or the weekend you will be asked to pay a small surcharge ($ 5 - 10 if the night and day, and ... .. to a maximum of $ 30).

A bottle of wine for punctuality. We hold an unlimited action, according to which we offer you to make a bet.

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Getting a car at night, out of working hours

This is possible, but we can ask for an extra charge. On weekends and holidays, in the daytime 5 - 10 $ at night on weekdays - 10 - 20 $ a weekend night or early in the morning (04-06 AM, for example) - up to $ 30.

Question: I want to return the car at Sunday, 05 o'clock in the morning, but your company want to take 10 - 20 $ for this, why? Would you take the example of A company, all at any time and all for free!
Answer: each employee has a working time and according to the law, it can not be more than 8 hours a day, we do not write to you, "we have dinner," or "We have working time." For you, we are always open and always ready to work. Why, then, do I pay? Every employee wants to have a rest and simply must have it, otherwise he will simply not be able to properly serve you as he will be annoyed, dangerous while driving. We distribute the work and taking into account the change necessary for human recreation and solutions of his own affairs. We are ready to have 100 and 1,000 employees, but each of them wants to receive a decent wage, to be able to live for him and his family, and never try to cheat you, as a customer, because we try for you. In addition, during the season, no matter how many people we have, we are all the same for you busy almost 20 hours a day, because the time to rest is not enough or too little, and thus, thanks to your 5 - 20 $, we can encourage our employee for its processing for you, all the more so at night or early morning, workers will be at least two out of the features of the vehicle. We understand that you would not want to pay the additional amount, but we are open for you to say what is and what it takes for, other companies can just lay it in the price for each day. Learn more about the service.


Deposit - a sum which would not be paid by the insurance company upon the occurrence of the accident (the franchise), that is, we get paid from insurance company minus deposit ammount. From the deposit amount can be taken an additional payments, such as:

1. For the Car Wash - return dirty
2. For damage not declared to the police and insurance
3. Deductible franchise insurance case
4. For rerun (if the receiving machine with limited mileage per day)
5. Loss of keys, registration documents for the car, keys
6. Fines for parking or speeding on used vehicles in the rental period
7. The return of the car in another place
8. Additional days - decided to extend the car for 1 day

Question: How often don`t your customers do not receive deposit back or you show them penalties not to return the deposit?
Answer: we show you a comprehensive list of services, as a rule, you already know immediately when ordering, what limit to take, where to take the car, but there are people who decide that they now depart not from Tbilisi and Batumi or something other, that is why we just say that we take from you extra ….., if it fits for you – it is ok, if no - you can do both initially agreed, no additional payments will be asked.

Why I have to leave a deposit. why you have to leave deposit during car rent in Georgia.

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Returning the deposit

It refunded immediately upon return of the vehicle without delay if it has been paid in cash, if you use a card - the first banking day will be sent to the abolition of money and you see on your card in a 4-24 bank (working) days.

When carrying out transactions on the card deposit is withdrawn through the sale, and after it is returned through the cancellation of the sale by submission of letter to the bank.

Car rental without deposit

If you are experiencing a return of deposit or do not want to leave it for another reason, use the car rental service in Georgia without deposit. You simply purchase additional coverage of insurance and have no problems.

Additional insurance is not worth buying because of the fear that you will be deceived and will not return deposit. Nobody is going to cheat. Additional insurance is worth buying for yourself if you think that came to a new country with a different traffic on the road and you never know what can happen, it is better to play it safe and be calmer.

Additional insurance.A lot of customers want to get a car and the main their requirement is that they want a full 0 in case of an accident.

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How we accept and give you a rented car, its technical condition

The car was adopted and given to you with the paper act, which is signed by our employees and you, the act shows all the damage, if you notice additional damage not specified in the act, staff will make sure on your request. Not entered in the act, and no asked for any penalty the damage made by customers if they are no more than 5 cm and are rare (ie not cover the entire detail of small scratches), if the damage is not made on a glass surface (windows, lights) - this is a normal wear and tear.

The technical condition of the car is continuously monitored, we regularly serve cars, air conditioning in every car, and it is in working condition.

We will change your car, if you do not like something in its condition. We provide technical support, so do not want to give you a defective car that would have had to be repaired somewhere in the mountains or to change your car on-road costs hundreds of kilometers and several hours of travel.

To view the car details, just take a picture of it with the 4 sides in the beginning of rental and you will see whether scratches have added or the car damaged at the time you use a car.

What is the year of your cars? What is the technical condition of a car? Can I go using the car to ...... Does the car do not broken down....?

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Where it is impossible to use the car

We do not allow the use of the car in such places:

1. South Ossetia - occupied territory
2. Abkhazia - occupied territory
3. To leave Georgia's borders is only possible after obtaining permission, making documents for the driver to cross the border.
4. Off-road or bad road, namely:
    Uzhguli – come to the point of Mestia, than ask for transfer to the mountains or take a walk in the mountains on foot. Riding in Uzhguli unsafe for the car and for you as a driver - a lot of steep slopes, and you need special skills
    Ahaltsiske-Batumi road - go to Batumi, Kutaisi only through the high way. In case you use a piece of road after Ahaltsiskhe to Batumi, you will overcome the 30 kilometers in 6 hours. There is no road, but the road is drawn on the map.
    Road to Uzhguli through Kutaisi Lechkhumi village - there is no road, many Georgians do not even know about the road
    Upper Omalo in Tusheti

Question: Why do I need an off road, if I can not drive it? What about good views?
Answer: You will see enough views even if you do not use set by us roads. On the highway you drive through Kutaisi picturesque passes of breathtaking. It is not necessary to travel on forbidden routes due to the fact that in case of breakage or health problems no one will help you, it is very far and often there are problems due to inexperience.. Do not immediately dive to 11,000 meters deep, 100 meters from the start - the result is the same, the only difference is in the numbers.

Map - a place where you should go.Where it is not necessary to use the car because of the danger and bad roads, how to get to all the attractions.

Look at all the interesting places, the path of travel for it, the coordinates of all locations for your navigation. We will be glad if our map helps you! Read more

Milleage limitation

The basic rate provides vehicles with a limit of 150 km / day, is considered to be total, that is 1,500 kilometers in 10 days, for example. To increase mileage please order from 3 $ a day unlimited mileage (only in case when rental period is over 5 days. If you get car less than 5 days, the price is higher).

Question: I want unlimited mileage but do not want to pay extra, but the company “A” does not take any extras.
Answer: The cost of rent at the company "A", and ours are different If we offer economy class for $ 33 a day, the company "A" propose 45 $ a day or more. With unlimited mileage, you pay 36 $ a day, which is also cheaper. We offer low cost options for rental and 98% of our customers are happy with cheap price and low mileage of the car, as they take the cars to rent for long term or take for trips "to the beach and back", "the city" because we sell basic services is in this segment, if you are from this segmentation will satisfy all - if not, we suggest increasing for you.

Unlimited mileage

Unlimited mileage is from 3 $ to the cost for any car.

Fuel policy

You must return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel, that you received. If there was a ½ tank, the return have to be made with ½ tank. If you return more than the fuel obtained, we can not give you back the difference. To fill the car with fuel is AI-95 in Georgia this type of fuel called "premium". "Premium" is not a class of fuel, it is the name of the fuel which is 95th gasoline in other countries.

Companies wich have a gasoline stations in Georgia: Socar, LUKoil, Wissoil.

Question: How do I determine exactly to calculate how much fuel to return?
Answer: All of the division of the fuel tank are strictly regulated indicators liters. If you are still in doubt and do not want to refuel the car, no problem - leave less fuel than you have received and charged the operator simply to refuel the difference based on the cost of fuel at a gas station. For example, you receive ½ tank and returned ¼ tank ¼ tank is, for example, 10 liters - a co-pay for 10 liters of fuel. We do not charge fines

Car wash

The car is clean and must be returned clean, or you can pay the wash service: cars - 15 GEL, SUVs - 20 GEL.

Question: I have never paid for washing the car, what is this deception?
Answer: Indeed there are car rental that does not charge this payment and include it in the cost of the service. If you want, you can pay directly the service. Car rental companies, which include the cost of cleaning to the rental price, have the services that are 30-40% more expensive than ours, and sometimes 100%. You can take advantage of all-inclusive there, and if you want to save, then you can wash the car yourself and spend no more than 10 GEL or pay for our operators 15-20 GEL.

Receiving and dropping of the car in different cities

This service is available, but you will be charged for it. In some cases, payment may be reduced or not be taken, for example, if the same vehicle there is an order in a region where you will take it.

The standard cost of the service receipt / return of the car in different cities.

Tbilisi-Batumi or Batumi-Tbilisi - $ 100

Tbilisi-Kutaisi or Kutaisi-Tbilisi - $ 50

Batumi-Kutaisi or Kutaisi-Batumi- $ 50

Receipt and return the car at the airport or train station, delivery the car to the hotel

We provide delivery and drop of the car service in the city. Service cost $ 10. Delivery of the rental car to the airport - $ 20. The prices are indicated for delivery or collecting during working hours, in case of order on non-working time - rate is additionally added..

Question: I want a car to receive at the airport Tbilisi, but do not want to pay extra for the airport service, how much cost to use a taxi from the airport?
Answer: No problem, the taxi from the airport would cost 15 - 25 $. Pay attention and read our article “how to get from the airport”.. Read the article, we painted all possible and cheaply variants.

Question: Can you make delivery of the car to the airport for 10 $. The taxi costs between $ 10 - 15. Are you work for customers?
Answer: We really try for you! Price a little more than you take a taxi, but this is due to the fact, that the staff member is always returns by a second car, so we do 3 road to the airport. If the car is not going to the airport, a manager gets by the taxi, and then spending the same $ 10 - 15. If he uses the bus (only during daylight hours), we lose 2-3 hours of his time and as a result, the man can serve only you.

Receive and return the car in Kutaisi

Very often the receipt and return of a car in Kutaisi is connected with the need to deliver the car from another region, that is why the cost of car delivery in Kutaisi may be slightly different from the cost of car delivery in Tbilisi or Batumi. More details can be obtained from our managers in the office, by phone or when placing an order. Pick up and drop off the car at Kutaisi airport 60 $.

Additional Driver

If you receive the car with limited mileage, payment for additional drivers is not made in case you choose unlimited mileage, you will pay for each additional driver. Service Cost 3 $ per day rental, but not more than $ 25 per rental.

Navigator, child seat, attachment for skis, snow chains, phone numbers for the customer

We lease navigators, child seats, cost $ 3 a day, but not more than $ 25 per rental unit. We can also offer a children's belts and holders in the car for free (analogue of child car seats, just without the plastic base). In Georgia, the rules of the road do not have a hard requirement to use a child seat in the car. Chairs - your safety and the desire.

We will give maps to travel around Georgia for free. Also we propose phones with local SIM card for free.


You will be charged for parking in Georgia. One hour costs about 1 GEL (0.4 - dollar), but you can take a subscription for 1 week for 10 lari (USD 4-5) or one month 20-25 GEL (USD 8-10). Paid parking is available only in Tbilisi, Batumi and Kutaisi, in other cities parking is free. The subscription is valid only for the city, Tbilisi is for Tbilisi, in Batumi is for Batumi, in Kutaisi is for Kutaisi. If you go to these cities, then don't forget to buy them.

Our employees can pay for your ticket at your request.

Parking without a subscription, can entail a fine (about 30 GEL - USD 15) or evacuate cars + fine (GEL 110 - USD 50).

How to pay for your own parking. Go to any bank terminal, enter the number of the car and the series + number of car passport, do not forget to choose the municipal company that serve the city, in Batumi – “Batumi parking”, in Tbilisi – “City parking”. If all of this is difficult for you, please contact our staff, they will do everything for you.

On the streets there are many people "valet parking" in the vest.They are just persons who helps you park on a voluntary basis, and runs around reached the 10 parking spaces, begging, and often demanding money from you for their services (0.30 GEL - 30 tetri - 10 cents). Payment of money to this person will not save you from penalty. This people are not municipal workers.

The staff of parking companies never come to drivers, they just go with their tablets and check the number of your car for the payment of parking in the database, if the payment is not made - impose a fine with photofixing.

Please note that ticket does not apply to parking in specific locations such as airports, underground parking, the entrance of the markets and special territory.

Features of driving in Georgia

Sometimes it seems that Georgia has no rules of the road, in any case there is little you will see that someone stopped in front of the crosswalk or before the sign «STOP». The worst violations for which you are stopped by the police not using the seating belt, talking on a cell phone or debris thrown through the window of the car.

For travel traffic at a red light or speeding respond video radars and cameras. You are just asked to pay a fine.

Please note, often the drivers ignore the sign "give way" and you can safely try to squeeze out of the way, despite the fact that you have an advantage.

Not allowed use of alcoholic beverages while driving, in any dose.

Do not attempt to offer a bribe to the police, they did not take, and you, after such a proposal will be criminalized. Police in Georgia is your friend who helps you quickly than anyone else.


In case of the traffic accident please do not move out from the scene, call the police 112 (a single number for the police, medical assistance, fire) and wait for the crew of the patrol (no more than 3 minutes, unless you are in the mountains). Making the papers for the accident takes up to 15 minutes, while you immediately check to "Drager" on the presence of alcohol. There will also be the representative of the insurance company. The police will issue all the necessary documents. In order to claim the insurance company or call the police immediately consult our operators, phone numbers you specified in the contract.

If you are guilty of the accident, you immediately impose a fine of 250 GEL, which must be paid at the bank.