Car Rental in Georgia


The rapid development of the country could not but influence the development of car rental services in Georgia. Today quite easily be ordered rental car in Georgia without a driver, that is, to drive a car by yourself. Just a great alternative of the taxi service became a car rental with driver - this service is preferred by people who want to drink alcohol, just do not want to drive vehicles on their own, those who need the service at weddings and ceremonies, and a shuttle service.

Georgia as a country have not a big area. Policemen loyal and friendly. The cars never been stolen in Georgia at last 5-7 years.

If you decide to order rent a car in Georgia - just call us or make your reservation via the booking form. You need a car at the airport in Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi, or other place - our company offers such rental service at airports.

We offer a very good cars with low rental price. Each car has insurance, so we insure your liability to third parties and your life and health during rental + health and life of all passengers in the rental car. With such a complete package of insurance you have nothing more to fear.

To rent a car in Georgia you just needs the driver's license and passport, which verifies that your border crossing and, as a result, the validity of the driving license.

We offer car rental from one day to an unlimited amount of time. You can book your car rental for 1 year, take advantage of transport leasing in Georgia.

Our rental cars in Georgia is divided into different classes from economy class to SUVs, convertibles and luxury cars.