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Car rental in Kutaisi

Car rental services in Kutaisi interested primarily by tourists who arrive at the international airport of the Kutaisi city.

Recently, the airport of this small town hosts a variety of aircraft budget airline Wizz Air, with which Georgia misses a huge number of tourists completely at low cost airfare. Through Kutaisi Airport are the main streams of tourists from Ukraine, Poland and Russia. Get from the airport in Kutaisi to the destination, namely in Batumi and Tbilisi can take a taxi or shuttle bus (minibus), which are sent directly from the terminal. Distance from the airport to Tbilisi about a 5 hour drive or 250 - 270 km, but to Batumi - shorter - 2 - 3 hour drive and only 170 km. Number of tickets sold on the buses is limited, so if you gape, bus will leave without you. Buses from the airport do not work on some strict schedule, they are well aligned for flights.

If you miss the bus, the only alternative you have - go to the city of Kutaisi and already there to seek his fortune on the shuttle bus, which is either in Batumi or Tbilisi. Taxi fare is not high at first glance, but you have to bargain, as the drivers are waiting for you to take a couple of meters. For example a trip Airport Kutaisi - Batumi on average costs 60 - 70 GEL or 40 dollars, but the taxi drivers want $ 70 or traded up to $ 50. Turn around and leave, they will catch up with you in the classical genre Arab bazaar.

A good alternative to all the above is nothing more than a rent a car in Kutaisi. You can book a rental car early in Kutaisi airport and immediately go to the desired point on the car without stopping and without being attached to the schedules and public transport. The terms of the car rental you can find on our site, carport is also fairly diverse and represented different cars from economy class to buses and convertibles.