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Mtirala National Park

Do you want to join the Georgian nature, spend time with health benefits and enjoy the real recreation of green tourism? Pay attention to the Mtirala National Park, which means a weeping mountain.

About the park "Weeping Mountain"

The park is located 30 km from Batumi, it is possible to get there by a rented car or taxi (the price is about 50 dollars in two directions), but it's difficult with buses. From all the way in 30 km, about 5 km will will be on the dirty road.

You will ride in picturesque places; note that the best option for visiting this place is SUV or a car with a high ground clearance. If you visit this national park after the rainy weather, then the last 5 km you cannot overcome except by using an off-road vehicle. The road is washing away. The park is national, it's not an amusement park or a walk, it's a real wilderness area, but with well-arranged routes, guest houses, that is real ECO tourism for 1-2 days.

What can I do in the park (forest):

  1. Walking tour - there are two main routes: 7 km and 15 km long.
  2. Horse riding
  3. Canyoning
  4. Zipline
  5. Camping with rent of tents or guest houses


Entrance to Mtirala Park is free. Horseback riding, guest houses, meals - all for payment on the spot.There are two main routes in the park - both are marked. There is an administration where you can organize accommodation, meals and horseback riding, as well as take a guide, unlike other national parks.

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