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A bottle of wine for punctuality

We hold an unlimited action, according to which we offer you to make a bet. In any relationship, the most important thing is the fulfillment of obligations, if you are fond of reading reviews about rentals, to find any negative, you are faced with reviews that in some car rental upon arrival no one met the client or after ordering a car he didn’t receive it. Perhaps such cases exist, but most likely there is a lack of agreement or some circumstances.

We always value the time of our customers and we understand that accuracy and our responsibilities must be met first.

We receive a large number of orders and many of you want to get a car at 08 or 09 am. We understand such schedule, you'll be hurrying to go sightseeing, but knowing the measured and unhurried Georgian life, a good evening feast, a light wine that strongly hits the legs, but leaves a bright head, we have faced hundreds of times that in the 8-9 am nobody comes, that's why very often our employees began to open the office at 10 o'clock, so at 8 or 9 there is simply nothing to do at work. Explaining this to you, our tourists, we are faced with the fact that you would still like to get the car at 8 am or 9 am, but in fact 99% of the tourists never come at this time, but arrives to the office only at 11 or 12 pm. This is normal - good and hospitable Georgians, excellent wine and rest, what else could be better.

Especially for you, we decided to bet, bargain, dispute and offer it to you in this format. Since we do not take any surcharges for getting a car at 8 or 9 in the morning, and we take only when getting a car on weekend or before 8 am, we offer you an additional fare and bonus. If you ordered a car in the period 08:00 – 09:59 am and arrived on time, you receive a gift from our company - a bottle of good Georgian wine or a discount equivalent to the cost of a bottle, if you are late or postponed arrival to our office - we drink wine for your score.


Solet’s start bonuses - everything is fair, we give you a gift for your punctuality and clarity, moreover we are pleased to give you a bottle of wine.

Bonus Terms:

  1. The time of car receipt must be in the period from 8:00 to 9:59 am
  2. You come to the office exactly in time
  3. We give you a bottle of wine or make a discount equivalent to the cost (wine brand, bottle size and other features are up to us, the approximate size of the discount or the price of a bottle of wine is 20-25 GEL)
  4. In case of your loss (not attendance at the specified time) - you leave a tip to the employee in the amount equivalent to your bonus, which we would pay you
  5. The promotion is valid only if you ordered the receipt of a car in the office, does not apply to the airport, delivery to the address, railway and bus station.
  6. The promotion is valid for the cities of Tbilisi and Batumi.

Sincerely, yours Hair car rental.

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