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What is interesting for you in Georgia cities? Different historical places, museums and churches. And what if we tell you that there is a cave city in Georgia? And not even one city! How do you look at this offer?

As other cave cities – Uplistsikhe and David Gareji – about Vardzia know all the people how is interested, even a little bit in Georgia history.

It is located on the south of Georgia. Nowadays nobody lives there, however, every day many tourists come to examine it.

There are 600 different rooms in the cave, to them belong stores, churches and bathhouses.

The most famous of all the churches is Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin where ancient frescoes have been saved till nowadays.

How it appeared

The city was built at 11-12 centuries by tsar George III, after his death, Queen Tamar continued his work. Monk cells were bu8ilt near the church. That is why, the church does not differ from ordinary ones. Except for the fact that it was built in the cave.

The prosperity of the city

The city lived and flourished till 1283 when the earthquake destructed Vardzia. However, the city continued its existence till 16th century when Turks came and all the monks were killed.

A visit to the city

You`d better get to Vardzia from Akhaltsikhe city. Then you will spend two hours on your trip. There are direct races from Tbilisi to Vardzia, but then the trip will take you four hours. And it is just one-way-direction.

In order to examine Vardzia – on your own or with a guide – you will need to buy a ticket that costs 3 GEL. You can visit Vardzia I working hours from 9 am till 6 pm.

For those who want to spend more than a day in Vardzia, you can stay in Guest House Tirebi.

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