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The urban-type settlement of Ureki is located 60 kilometers north of the city of Batumi. It is known for its black magnetic sands. It is believed that the resort in Ureki is annually visited by even more tourists than the city of Batumi, which also, like Ureki, is located on the Black Sea coast.

Sand healing properties

The fact that Ureki Sands can improve the state and health of a person was learned in Georgia by sheer chance. Previously, prisoners were sent to work here, and when they noticed that they began to feel much better, the government firstly made a resort out of the village.

Accommodation in Ureki

In non-season the accommodation will cost you cheaply - from 10 GEL per day, when the seasonal period comes, then housing will cost a bit more. And it is better to book a room in advance so that you can choose the cheapest (or most expensive, for your taste) accommodation. Otherwise, there will be options that may not suit you. The best hotels in Ureki are Exotica Hotel and Argo Hotel - the prices for them are not the most budget, but the living conditions are among the best.


The city develops exclusively in the medical recreation. There is a number of hotels, cafes and restaurants. If you are going to spend time actively - looking at historical places of interest, and passive rest is not your cup of tea, this city is unlikely to suit you. The purpose of the trip to Ureki is to sunbathe on the beach and swim in the sea, as well as visit healing procedures.

Healing procedures

The procedures are aimed primarily at the joints treatment. However, people with other problems come here - diseases of the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, musculoskeletal system. There is no scientific evidence that sands really heal. But according to the tourists who visited Ureki, their condition has really improved.

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