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See Tbilisi in 1 day

If you are going to spend only 1 full day in Tbilisi, you do not have more time; in the framework of this article we will help you organize your vacation. Main attractions and routes are described here.

The whole Tbilisi in one day, see everything and everywhere in a "frantic" pace – to see all basic things:

  1. Narikala fortress, get here on the cable car from the square on the left bank of the Kura, inspect the fortress, if you took the flag of your country with you, be sure to wave it from there, see a significant number of tourists - 1 hour (if you will wave the flag for a long time you will certainly need more time)
  2. Pass to the monument "Mother of Georgia", take a few photos and go down onto the square on foot examining the restored and unreconstructed houses and streets. You can go down on the same cable car, then it is faster or 1 hour if on foot
  3. Visit the Metekhi Cathedral and the monument of Gorgasali - right next to the cable car, from here we pass to Meydan, if you go down on foot from the Narikala fortress, you will first get to Meydan, and then go to Metteh - 1 hour.
  4. Then go to sulfur baths and a park, examine the baths and walk in the park for 30 minutes without visiting the bath.
  5. Return to Meydan and have lunch - it will take about 1 hour.
  6. Then go up along Kote Abkhazia (Leselidze) street to the Freedom Square. Examine the area. - 30 minutes
  7. Descend to the right, down from Freedom Square to Kolhoznaya Square, on the way we look at excavations, pass along the street to the embankment, while examining the old Georgian buildings and the fortress wall that surrounded the original city, you can see how small the city was – takes 20-30 minutes
  8. Before the embankment turn right and walk past the theater Garibaldi, make a stop and inspect its architecture and clock – takes 10-20 minutes
  9. Further past the Georgian diocese and the office of the ruling party "Dream", pass to the glass bridge - takes 10 minutes
  10. On the glass bridge, the Mira bridge, pass into the park of Rike, look the park, the fountain and the unfinished building of the Opera in a futuristic style (here you started the way, to the right of you is a cable car) – takes 30 minutes
  11. Above you is the Presidential Palace, here he lives and works, you can climb the stairs and go to the old Armenian quarter of Avlabar, and from there go to the central temple of Georgia - Holy Trinity Cathedral -takes 1 - 1.5 hours if you walk to cathedral, on the shuttle bus is 1 stop to Avlabar, then walk.
  12. You can see the house of Justice in the form of large "mushrooms" from the park of Rike, you can return to it on foot after Avlabar or take 2-3 stops by shuttle bus - 20 minutes by shuttle bus.
  13. Go to the house of justice and see how the business is registered here, ordinary Georgians receive their passports here, you will be surprised and decide that you are not in a state institution, but in an entertainment business center – takes 20 minutes.
  14. From the building of justice walk to the "dry bridge" and watch the flea market, you can see antiques – takes 30 minutes taking into account the road to the bridge and the market.
  15. Walking through the flea market, you can walk or take a few bus stops to David the Builder (David Agmashenebeli) Street, this is an excellent renovated street with beautiful architecture and a small square - walk to the street takes 40 minutes, 10-15 minutes by shuttle bus, to walk on street 30-40 minutes, if you sit in the park - 1 hour.
  16. For an evening walk - go to Shardeni, a place to relax in a cafe or club with friends or go to the Rike Park, Freedom Square, a glass bridge - look at all of these being in the night lights.

The peculiarity of this route is that it should be started from morning till evening, if you are not in Tbilisi for a full day or want to see something on the day of you departure or arrival or feel tired after travel such a route will be unrealistic, then it needs to be corrected.

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