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Tbilisi, Mtskheta, Gori and Uplistsikhe in 2 days

This publication outlines the route that combines a visit to the first capital city of Georgia in a very active mode, as well as a full day trip in the vicinity of Tbilisi, you can use this route by breaking it a bit in a different format. For example by cutting visits to certain places on the first day, and transferring them to the second day. Despite the trip, the second day will be more free for you.

1 day of travel:

  1. Narikala fortress, climb there using cable car from the square on the left bank of the Kura river, inspect the fortress - 1 hour.
  2. Then pass to the monument "Mother of Georgia", take some pictures and go down to the square by foot visiting the restored houses and streets. The second version of the trip is a cable car - 1 hour in case you do trip by foot.
  3. Visit the Metekhi Cathedral and the monument of Gorgasali - right next to the cable car. Then pass to Meidan, if you went down by foot from the Narikala fortress, then first you get to Meidan, and later we turn to Metekhi - 1 hour.
  4. Go to the old baths and a park. Just walk in the park during 30 minutes without visiting the bath.
  5. Then return to Meidan and have lunch - lunch is about 1 hour
  6. Go up along Kote Abkhazi Street to Freedom Square. You spend 30 minutes
  7. Go to the right from the Freedom Square to the Kolkhoznaya Square. During the way look at the excavations. You pass along the street to the embankment, while examining the old Georgian buildings and the fortress wall surrounding the original city, you can see how small the city was - 20-30 minutes for the road trip
  8. Turn right and go past the theater Garibaldi, make a stop and inspect its architecture and clock - 10-20 minutes
  9. Further past the Georgian diocese and the office of the ruling party "Dream", then you come to the Glass bridge - 10 minutes
  10. On the Glass bridge, “the bridge of peace" go ahead to the park Rike, watch the park, the fountain and the unfinished building of the Opera in a futuristic form (there you started the way, to the Metekhi) - 30 minutes
  11. Above you is the President's palace, there he lives and works, you can climb the stairs and go to the old Armenian quarter called Avlabar. There you can go to the central temple of Georgia - Holy Trinity Cathedral - 1 - 1.5 hours if you walk to the cathedral, by shuttle bus 1 stop to Avlabar, then on foot.
  12. You can see the house of Justice in the form of large "mushrooms" from the park of Rike, you can reach it on foot after Avlabar or take 2-3 stops by shuttle bus - 20 minutes by shuttle bus.
  13. . Go to the house of Justice and see how the business is registered there, ordinary Georgians receive their passports, you will be surprised and decide that you are not in a state institution, but in an entertainment business center - 20 minutes.
  14. Walk to the "dry bridge" from the building of Justice and see the "flea market", you can see antiques - 30 minutes given the road to the bridge and the market.
  15. Walk along the "flea market", you can walk or take a few bus stops to David the Builder (David Agmashenebeli) Street, this is an excellent restored street with beautiful architecture and a small square - walk to the street 40 minutes, 10-15 minutes by shuttle bus , at the David the Builder Street you spend 30-40 minutes, if you stay in the park area - 1 hour.
  16. Go to Shardeni Street, for the evening walk/ It is a place to relax in a cafe or club with friends, or go to Rike Park, Freedom Square, a Glass bridge - look at all in the night lights.

2 day - you go out of the city:

You leave at 9-30 from the hotel.

  1. You come to Jvari and inspect Mtskheta from a bird's eye view. You look at the Temple and further go to Uplistsikhe - 1 hour with the road from Tbilisi
  2. Go to Uplistsikhe - there inspect a tourist attraction - 1 hour on the road, an excursion with a tour guide 1,5-2 hours
  3. Stop in Gori city and visit the Stalin Museum - 1 hour together with the museum
  4. Go to Mtskheta - the road is 1 hour
  5. At Mtskheta city you look at the fortress wall and the Temple of Svetitskhoveli - 2 hours for all
  6. You have lunch on the road - 40 minutes and in 20 minutes you’ll be in Tbilisi

This route is very active and involves more walking tours around Tbilisi or public transportation, but the car is needed to travel to Uplistsikhe, Gori, Mtskheta. Despite the fact that you will make about 150 km on the road, thanks to constant stops, the autobahn, you will not get tired, but rather enjoy picturesque views, restaurants and have a great time.

The first day is very active hikes that will bring fatigue for you, then the second day will be remembered by beautiful crossings, places and more impressive excursions.

If you find a mistake or want to supplement the route, write to us: , To order a car rental in Georgia, use the order form on the main pageof the site or call us on +995-571-951-951

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