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Taxi in Georgia

Okay, you arrived at Georgia, slightly tired after the flight and just want to sit back in the car seat and forget about the difficult road? Then you need to rent a taxi. And of course, when you see taxi of various companies, you will ask yourself: what exactly do you need?

Travelers from different countries –is the most extensive audience that uses a taxi because they do not know the particular roads and specific places where they want to go.

Taxi services of Tbilisi are no different from other cities and countries. Numerous taxi services are available 24/7, i.e. day and night. The most popular are online services where you can order a car using the application or web site. Even without knowing your address, you can call a taxi using geolocation, you can also ask to send you a taxi with a meter to be sure that you will not be deceived. Be careful, taxi drivers in Batumi who drive without meters can call the price twice as high.

National features

First of all, it is worth noting that taxis in Georgia are relatively cheap compared to other countries. If you are traveling by taxi without a meter, you can try to bargain with the driver and reduce the price. For example, a trip from the non-distant regions to the center will cost no more than 5 GEL (the national currency of Georgia). However, prices at a later time will be slightly inflated compared to daily rates, but in any case the trip will be cheaper than in many other European cities. A trip from the airport to the city center will cost you no more than 30 GEL. Also, you can negotiate with the driver of a certain taxi and contact him throughout your journey in Georgia. The most popular taxi service in Georgia is Yandex Taxi.

The procedure for obtaining a license to work as a taxi driver is very simple. It is easy to get and, if desired, almost everyone can do it.

Hybrid cars are very common in Batumi - these are cars that can be driven on both gasoline and recharging from the power grid.

Recently, the authorities forced the taxi drivers to repaint their cars in white. Therefore, it will be easy for you to “identify” the car you need.

Approximate cost of a taxi in Tbilisi:

For your convenience, we will give some phone numbers of taxi services so that you can use the services just by reading this article.

Taxi in Tbilisi

  1. Taximaxim +995 (032) 260-60-60. They also have their own mobile app.
  2. Taxistar +995 574 12 12 12 After calling the number and specifying the required address, you will be immediately called the price for the trip.

Taxi in Batumi

  1. Taxi: +995 558 78 45 45; +995 595 78 45 45. They are also available in Viber: +995 593 700 700; +995 593 800 800
  2. Taximaxim: +995 422 24 00 00. You can visit their official website -

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Usually, when the tourists have more time than the Kakheti and Telavi is also visited, and the travelers return to Tbilisi by the other road, but with such a shortened itinerary, the best option is to return by the same road.

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If you find a mistake or want to supplement the route, write to us: , To order a car rental in Georgia, use the order form on the main page of the site or call us on +995-571-951-951

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