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Car rental in Tbilisi

Every country begins with the most important city – the capital.

The capital of Georgia – is Tbilisi city. Every company that respects itself must have its office on the territory of the capital – Tbilisi. The country does not manage without car rental. Especially the tourists need this service who arrive at the airport named after Shota Rustaveli. Because it is very comfortable before arriving to Georgia to book a car and when you reach the destination sit there and start your trip?!

Car rental in Tbilisi – a help to the tourist

Car rental in Tbilisi will not make any difficulty. Naturally, Tbilisi consists of two parts – the old and the new city. If you are a tourist, you will, first of all be interested in the old city but the new streets are also worth to walk on them.

The difficulties in car rental in the capital of Georgia arise only in one thing: the traffic is very busy, the drivers “drive” with a Caucasian friskiness and are constantly signaling to each other and often there are some difficulties with parking places. But, do not lose your heart if you ordered the service of car rental in Tbilisi without a driver, we are ready to give you a couple of pieces of advice on the question of driving:

  1. To the busy traffic you have get used a little bit. The thing is not that the traffic was very busy but if you came from provincial city, the traffic would confuse you a little bit. The thing is that it is very awful to watch – to drive is OK.
  2. “Races” on the car have also realtive character – drive your rental car according to the traffic rules, make extra alertness and everything will be alright. To order or rent a car in the airport or in Tbilisi airport will not make you any difficulties. We will deliver you the car to any point in the city or the airport.
Hire-auto rent a car in Tbilisi

Which cars will suit your trip

There are a lot of picturesque places in Tbilisi, the whole country is mountainous that is why if you decided to watch places of interest in Tbilisi or make a trip around Tbilisi, we offer you the biggest choice of the cars.

These are cars:

The majority thinks that for the trips around Georgia it is worth to choose only SUVs, this is not true. 95% 9of the roads and places where tourists drive – have a great road surface so you will have no problems to reach your destination even on the smallest Sedan, the other 5% of the roads is where it will be difficult for you to drive even on the jeep and we do not recommend you to use the car for the trips, it is better for you to use the transfer service from local habitats in these region or have a walk vecause driving a car is dangeroud for you.

The order of the car can be made by phone as in Georgia, Tbilisi as in other countries of the world – take a closer look on the page with our contacts.

Rent a car Tbilisi, Georgia