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What to do if you have an incident in Georgia

We exclude the occurrence of traffic accidents, in no way try to bring them closer or set you up for them, but if you read this article, in case of an incident, it will be easier for you to get in critical situation. Every time when you board an aircraft you are told about emergency exits and the use of life jackets, this does not mean that you will necessarily use them, it is just that you know how and what to do in case of crash.

General parameters, how and what to do

At any incident it is important to observe such moments:

  1. do not move out of the scene of accident
  2. remain completely calm
  3. Call us our hotline and tell about incident
  4. Guided by the operator's prompts, wait for the police and arrange the incident

The call to police, fire or ambulance can be done on a single phone 112, they understand both Russian and English. The police arrives in 5 minutes without any call very often, there are a lot of video cameras and patrols at the streets, you will not remain unnoticed. The police response time is 5 minutes. Pay attention that in mountainous areas, on passes, the time can be a little more, just in case of bad weather.

If you have a traffic accident, a lot of people will stop and help you, they call the police and offer their services.

Please note that we not only paid insurance for the car, but you have insurance for your health and medical care and car insurance for other participants. All these insurances are provided by us free of charge and are already included in the price of car rental.

A small incident, just scratched the car

If you were scratched by the car and you see the culprit of the incident that stopped, just do not leave the scene and call us. We will send the police and the insurance company on the scene.

You left the hotel in the morning, and the car is damaged

Do not worry, just call us and call the police or we'll call there.

You hit another car

Do not leave the scene, call us, we will call the insurance company and the police. Please note that if you are guilty of an incident, the police will fine you 250 GEL.

Your car is stolen

This is almost impossible, Georgia has not stolen a car under President Saakashvili for 8 years, now there are cases, but they are extremely rare. Car driving is not interesting and almost not real. With the car you can not do anything. If the thefts occur, then most likely cars worth 10 000 US dollars and with the purpose of transfer to the occupied territories: Ossetia, Abkhazia, through Russia to Chechnya, Dagestan.

Smashed the wheel

If you damaged the wheel, use a spare. If the cause of the damage was during an accident, the cost of the wheel will be compensated by the insurance company, if you just pierce the wheel, we will hold the cost of two similar wheels on the axis of the car.

You damaged the car because of the road

If this happens, you can also call an insurance company. Note that this is almost impossible, unless of course you have not used the car in off-road conditions. All our cars have a pallet protection engine and damage the crankcase is quite difficult, however such cases occur.

Do not try to deceive or bribe the police, it does not take bribes. The police will consider your case objectively and will react very loyally to you. There are no foundations in Georgia, to punish a tourist or strip him, on the contrary, you will be in priority.

Still have questions?

In order to avoid critical situations, familiarize yourself with the places we are not allowed to drive in a rental car, these are more dangerous places, as well as those where you are unlikely to help quickly. These articles can also be useful for you:

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