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What to see in Kazbegi. We go to Stepantsminda

This material is about Kazbegi. This is one of the most popular tourist routes. 80% of tourists, who visit Tbilisi, necessarily go to Stepantsminda and Kazbegi, and in winter it is 100% sure, because there is also an excellent ski resort - Gudauri.

There is an interest for Kazbegi is due to several reasons:

  1. The border with Russia, from which a significant part of Russians living in the south travels to Georgia through a checkpoint not far from Stepantsminda.
  2. Mountain-skiing resort Gudauri
  3. Sightseeing: beautiful scenery, waterfalls, rivers, views, churches and other
  4. Military-Georgian road on which you will definitely go sightseeing

For sightseeing and driving to all places any car will be good, even economy class. There are a couple of places where you would have helped a high ground clearance, but if you are ready to walk 300-700 meters in interesting places, then it is possible to ignore the rules of high ground clearance. In winter it is better to use all-wheel drive cars. It is worth to be vigilant on the passes in the summer if it rains. Please note, if you are traveling in the off-season and all our cars already have summer tires, as it is great for the existing weather in the city and along the road, in the mountains there can be snow, so order additional chains on the wheels, they can come in handy.

What to see in Kazbegi, Stepantsminda, the most interesting places, sights:

  1. The historical museum of Stepantsminda - is located in the city, in the house of Alexander Kazbegi, a Georgian writer. In the museum you can see typical objects of the life of this region, archaeological exhibits and art objects, works of local artists and of course the personal belongings of the writer.
    Coordinates: 42.660401, 44.6427893
  2. Trinity Church Gergeti - is located 6 km from Stepantsminda, at an altitude of 2200 m above sea level. This is the architectural value of the XIV century.
    Coordinates: 42.6489007, 44.617146
  3. Darial Gorge - begins in Stepantsminda and ends in Upper Lars, the length of the gorge is 11 km. In the gorge there are many picturesque places and the Orthodox Georgian temple is located. The narrowest point in the gorge is the confluence of the Kabahi and Hda rivers.
    Coordinates: 42.7452759, 44.6077682
  4. Gveleti waterfall - is located 7 km from Stepantsminda in the village of Gveleti. It is beyond the Daryal canyon. Coordinates:
  5. Glacier Devdorak - it is necessary to pass along the Daryal gorge, then the Gveleti waterfall you will see a glacier, along the way there will be a big birch grove.
    Coordinates: 42.702067, 44.6145677
  6. Arthmo Gorge - 10 km from Stepantsminda in the village of Akhaltsikhe begins this gorge. On the gorge is the riverbed of the river Arkhtmozkali, after passing the gorge you will see the abandoned settlements of Artkhmo and Miguda.
    Coordinates: 42.5698338, 44.635102
  7. Hada Gorge - interesting for climbers, which are just a lot here. It is located on the northern border of Georgia, not far from Lars. Distance from Stepantsmindy 17 km - footpath. In order to get here, you need to go through the Darial Gorge.
    Coordinates: 42.7188945, 44.6447265
  8. Gorge Trusov - interesting place with birch groves, frozen mineral springs, abandoned settlements, new and old glaciers. The most beautiful mountain ranges create indescribable landscapes here.
    Coordinates: 42.6491648, 44.2416571
  9. The village of Sno - just 5 km from Stepantsminda. Here is the residence of the patriarch of Georgia.
    Coordinates: 42.6366772, 44.5568387
  10. Juta is one of the highest settlements of Georgia and Kazbegi - 2200 m above sea level. Here is a very beautiful mountain range Chauhi. Distance from Stepantsminda is 24 km of which only 8 km are asphalted.
    Coordinates: 42.5478452, 44.5215668

If we have not indicated some places, write us, we will certainly describe them.

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