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National parks in Adjara

National parks in Georgia and Adjara are places where you can have a great time, join the wildlife and watch the Georgian flora and fauna.

The Georgian Tourism Agency specially develops interesting routes for treks on national parks and guarded areas. If you do not know how to spend time, but the purpose of your trip is ECO tourism, accommodation in local flavor, camping, mountaineering, waterfalls, wildlife, knowledge of flora and fauna, national parks are created for you.

Features of parks.

  1. These are not amusement parks or city parks for walking. These are forest and mountain ranges with waterfalls, trails, sometimes infrastructure
  2. Entrance is free everywhere
  3. The Georgian Tourism Agency will always help you organize leisure, services for free
  4. Not all parks have marked routes
  5. Not all parks have accommodation facilities. In some you have to spend the night at the locals. They will gladly take you overnight for a small fee.
  6. There are no restaurants, cafes or other places in these places. Meals in local houses for payment.
  7. Staying in parks is possible from one day to several days with a breakdown of overnight accommodation in the campsite
  8. All parks and territories are guarded by the state as nature reserves

For you, we chose the main guarded areas and national parks, they are arranged in order from more famous and visited to the less known exactly so they are known by the locals. Do not be surprised if some taxi drivers do not know how to get there, what to do there and where to take you. That's why we suggest you go by yourself.

Parks and protected areas:

  1. Mtirala
  2. Machachela
  3. Kintrichi
  4. Kobuleti guarded area

Going to any national park or guarded area, move on SUVs or cars with high ground clearance.

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