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Ninotsminda is a small town where very few Georgians live among all other regions of Georgia. There are a lot of Armenians and a kind of 1% of Georgians.

It is not difficult to get to Ninotsminda, it is located ten kilometers from Mtskheta and a couple of kilometers from Turkish border.

In Ninotsminda almost none of the historical places are left. But there is an Internet, a café and a canteen, that is very unexpected for a town that consists of practically one street.

And yet there is something that is worth looking at.


For some unknown reason they have chosen this particular town for living and after the winter they return to Ninotsminda to breed the next generation. The storks hatch the eggs by turn, the male stork – at day, and a female stork – at night. There are no free pillars from the nests of these birds. Their nests are not little – they are one meter in diameter. However, they fly away every winter somewhere on the South.

Fortress Shaori

The metallic fortress Shaori was supposedly built in the 4th millennium B.C. It is unique because the fortress was built without any binder solution. There are 2 versions why the fortress was built: the 1st one for the protective function. However, it is unknown from whom it is needed to be protected on the altitude of 2300 meters. The second one is more possible – Shaori was an observation point where the scientists looked at the stars and other celestial bodies. However, none of these theories has a confirmation. If you are going to look at the fortress with your own eyes, you need to do this before the first snow falls and to use SUV is a must. In any other case, the fortress will be unapproachable.

Where to stay?

We will examine two most popular tourists` hotels in Ninotsminda.

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