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Kobuleti guarded area

Recreational area is protected by the state. It is interesting to observe the flora and fauna, but the uniqueness of this area lies in several things:

  1. Here is the only filtering sphagnum swamp in the world
  2. There is a large accumulation of migratory birds, which is relevant for ornithologists and people interested in birds
  3. Archaeological monuments of the IV and III centuries BC, which store the swamps

There is such entertainment as walking on the swamp on special skis, because of them you do not sink into the swamp, but still stay on the surface.

You can get to Kobuleti protected territory:

  1. By taxi - from Batumi 20 dollars back and forth
  2. By a rented car
  3. By bus from Kobuleti

Features: there are no places for overnight stays and meals, you can spend the night only in Kobuleti, the locality is not well known even to many local residents and taxi drivers, but in the tourist center you will be offered to go here.

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