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Kintrish Guarded Area

This area is also known as the national park of Kintrishi. The terrain is remote from Batumi and is closer to Kobuleti.

You can get there:

  1. By car
  2. By taxi from Kobuleti about30 $ to 2 sides and about $ 60 from Batumi
  3. By bus from the bus station Kobuleti in the direction of the village of Chahati - the price is 1-2 $ per person

About the park

This is a guarded natural area, a detour to the reserve, here you can see:

  1. Stone bridges of the XII century
  2. Churches
  3. Local villages and places where tourists do not go

This is a great place to visit the flora and fauna, the local villages and the remote places for tourists.

Features: routes are not marked, admission is free. The car - is only SUV or with a high ground clearance.

Meals: in the villages of local people, you can take food with you

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