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How cars are driven in Georgia

Often you can find the subject even in most forums on the internet about how awful cars are driven in Georgia, the local population, and who gave them a driver's license. What you will find in Georgia using a car, all about it in this article.


If you think that there is Europe and you willingly handed hoping to miss - are wrong, the entire drive is based on the principle of a single rule: "Who is the greatest, bolder and faster", "someone who has more scare." If you have been in a turbulent flow, and you have a secondary road, you'll be a long time and a long time to wait until you're being let go. Begin to push in and out and you be allowed when it is not possible to go the other. Such methods are not for you? Then wait, waiting will be long.


Especially in this segment show themselves drivers of minibuses and where you do not have met, in the most dangerous mountain passes, they will take the speed limits and overtaking any overtaking. Do not race with them, you can lose control at speed thirst.

What about the radars

Many local know all the places where the radar photo fixation, because they were willing to violate speed limits. Do not cling to the bed room, and persecute them, because in such a car can be a tourist like you, who took the Georgian car rental.

It is time to remember that the pass afraid weaklings

Chasing a breakneck pace on the pass is the norm as well, and cross the solid line in and out in front overtaking 90 degree rotation. Often such reckless patrol catches a counter that instantly turns around and catches up with the offender. This ride is very dangerous. In the mountains need for speed has always manifested, not be subject to these feelings.

Cowboys in the mountains will not leave you

Many times we have heard stories from clients who were helped by the locals, they even changed the punctured tire in our car. Such people too Georgians, they know what the mountains and will not throw you into trouble, and come to the rescue. One mountain is not a warrior..

No one blinks

Forget about the fact that someone you blink about the radar or police patrol ahead, this simply is not the Georgians, it's all remnants of the past. Patrol, too, does not hide in ambush, and goes on the road with the included flashing lights and attracts attention.

No help from the trucks

Often on European roads in a narrow places we have met ethics assistance, this can be seen both in Russia and in Ukraine, when the front running truck shows turns, thereby prompting you whether or not to overtake, as you on the passenger cars it is difficult to see it. In Georgia, such aid did not see.

The main road

Forget about the priority of the main road, remember the principle of "scared and you're right," here as well, because costs to be careful, even if the main road from you. Just slow down.

Drive on legs

Cross the street at a zebra - miss a car. Do not miss the pedestrian car and pedestrian passes the vehicle. You want the opposite - take care of the feet, of their giving.

Drinking and driving

Police severely punished for drunk driving, but that does not mean that do not drive drunk driving. Do not succumb to the entreaties and drinking, many will say everything possible. The permissible level of ppm in the blood is 0, ie no tastings.

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