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Jvari is a male monastery and church that was built in the 6th century AD (590-605 years), right after Georgia has become a Christian country.

Jvari was described in the literary work Mtsyri that was written by M. Lermontov.

The church is located in the surroundings of Mtskheta and was built on a tall mountain (it can easily be seen when you are in the Mtskheta city). The place of building the church was quite not standard, unusual.

The name history

Jvari is translated from the Georgian language as a “cross”. It was named not just because, according to an old legend Saint Nino was that person who put a cross on the place where later was built a monastery. Again, according to the legend (and not from reliable sources), it is said that the cross was seen even in Mtskheta city till the middle of the 6th century.

Cross form

Though Georgia became a Christian country, it was not an Orthodox one. This explains the strange form of the cross – a cross in the square.

Church architecture

The church has been built in the form of tetraconch – as a cross with a rounded endings. That time it was a strange architectural form for Georgia, but, after Jvari has been built, the creators of other monasteries started to make church projects in the same form. That is why, nowadays this form is considered a standard one.

Church visit

When you arrive at Mtskheta it will be easy for you to find a monastery – it towers on the mountain over the city.

You can come and have an excursion at any day from 8 am till 10 pm, when it is not a peak season, the visit to the monastery is available from 9 am. The entrance is free but if you drive a car, the parking will cost you 2 GEL.

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