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Rent a car in Georgia

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Rent a car in Georgia

To visit Georgia and to see all sights – it is real. To reserve excursions and to be tied to the bus or to the guide - No. Freedom, visit of interesting places, the unique schedule, survey of everything that you will wish. The car rental will resolve issues of mobility and will present unforgettable impressions. Only at us you will find car-rental in Georgia which is favorable to you. These aren`t mere words. It is 100% so.

21 reasons to organize your holiday with us

Choosing us, it's like as if you had Black Jack, 21 points - this is for luck)))

  1. The largest car fleet in Georgia. For today we have 109 cars. You can choose any.
  2. Insurance is included in the rental price. We insured the car your responsibility your life and health.
  3. The best price offer for car rental services. We are Low Coast in Georgia. All prices are minimal. Save money with us.
  4. Transparent and clear rental conditions. There are no hidden fees. At once we say what is included in the price which can be ordered additionally. Surprises are just pleasant.
  5. Any cars for you. Different classes of cars for rent. Want a cheap car - please, need an elite car or convertibles - no problem.
  6. A large number of new cars (2015 - 2017, which is a rarity for Georgia) with the original left-hand drive. Choose crossovers, business class cars, convertibles. There are Japanese and American cars.
    Ask us and we will recommend the best cars for you.
  7. All of cars owned by the company - we don`t offer other people's cars, with a dangerous history or an unclear technical condition. We remember every bolt in every car. You are safe.
  8. Absence of negative experience of working with us. We are not ideal. According to 2018 statistics, 98 clients out of 100 were satisfied with our services, 74 would recommend us to their friends, and 57 will come to us again in the next 2-3 years.
  9. Our offices and representative offices are located in the main cities: Tbilisi, Batumi and Kutaisi, 96% of all visitors to Georgia take the car here. The remaining 4% are smaller cities: Kobuletti, Chakvi, Khashuri, Stepantsminda, here we can also deliver a car.
  10. Offices are located in the center of the city - all hotels and places of interest are close to us. You will not go far, we are always near you.
  11. Car delivery to the airport and to any address 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  12. Constant holding of shares and discounts for customers, pleasant bonuses and unexpected surprises. Among those who loved our customers:
    • Discounts for early booking - save up to 30% on car rental booking 1 month before the start of rental
    • A bottle of wine as a gift for punctuality
    • Cheap low season prices
    • It is very cheap to rent with a rental period of 30 days. We offer rental from 15 GEL per day - there is no such offer for anyone.
    • Special price for car rental from October 16
  13. We have one of the best navigation on the site, the most detailed conditions for rentals, answers to additional questions useful for the tourist, from places worth visiting, prohibited places and ending with topics about planning your holiday for several days.
  14. Convenient for customers payment for rental services:
    • Online;
    • to the account;
    • Cash, a card in the office or airport;
    • Possibility to pay in Ukraine, Russia and other countries in national currency through our partners.
  15. Your safety is above all, we provide each car with tires according to the season
  16. We provide excellent cars. Is it an accident or a breakdown? No problems. Replacement car will be in your near future.
  17. Increase in a class the car at our expense, if there was no car in the class that you ordered
  18. Any additional equipment for rent::
    • Navigators - to find the way;
    • 3G WiFi modems - to have internet;
    • Children's armchairs and boosters - comfort and safety of your children;
    • Extreme camera for shooting - remember these mountains and these impressions;
    • Adapters for phones in the car – don`t feel discomfort;
    • Chains on wheels - irreplaceable in winter in the mountains;
    • The railing and fastenings for skis – a timbering any baggage on a roof.
  19. Adequate daily mileage. Few? Just for 9 GEL day will increase to no-limit. Cheap!
  20. Operators who speak Russian, English, Georgian, Armenian, Ukrainian.
  21. Assistance and 24 hour support on the road. Any questions. Assistance in case of an accident and in unusual situations..
A little bit about Georgia

Georgia is a wonderful country where you can rest 365 days a year, and this is not just a beach or winter holiday.Georgia is represented by a variety of resorts, there are winter (ski resorts),and summer - the Black Sea and all the year-round - springs with mineral waters and health resorts.

There is much to see in Georgia. To Vvsit ancient castles and fortresses, beautiful mountain landscapes , steep mountain roads, colorful population and delicious cuisine will not leave you indifferent.

For a travel, use service car-rental in Georgia. The main places where you can book a rental service are the cities of Tbilisi, Batumi and Kutaisi. Many tourists start their trip over Georgia by car, ordering a car rental at Tbilisi, Kutaisi or Batumi airport. You are offered a large number of cars from the economy class, to business vehicles, SUVs and minivans. All conditions for car rental, restrictions, how and where to get a car, you can read on our car rental conditions page in Georgia [ Get to know! ].

Basic requirements for the renter

More details about all conditions of car rental in Georgia, you can find here >>>

This information is useful if you want to get somewhere without a car:

  1. How to get there from the airport
  2. Transport in the cities of Georgia
  3. Intercity travel on public transport in Georgia
Features of transport in Georgia

The movement on cars in Georgia is very active, but you can easily get used to it in a few hours without any problems. In Georgia, there are cars with left and right rudders, although the movement here is the European - right-hand, but it does not mean that there are no right-hand cars here, they are almost 40% here.

The most popular cars for hire in Tbilisi:

Economy class

Nissan Versa

0 l/100km
1600 sm³
Cost of hire
102GEL 1-3 days 90GEL
87GEL 4-7 days 69GEL
72GEL 8-29 days 60GEL
60GEL > 30 days 57GEL
Deposit 390GEL

SUV class

Mitsubishi Outlander

10 l/100km
2400 sm³
Cost of hire
159GEL 1-3 days 144GEL
138GEL 4-7 days 129GEL
117GEL 8-29 days 102GEL
96GEL > 30 days 90GEL
Deposit 900GEL

Especially for you we have prepared a series of materials about driving in Georgia, as well as useful information for a tourist who moves by car:

  1. How to drive cars in Georgia
  2. All about driving in Georgia
  3. Parking of cars in Georgia
  4. What to do if you have an accident
  5. How to communicate with the police in Georgia
  6. Places with bad roads and where the travel is restricted

Watch this short video and you will understand why on arrival in Georgia, it is better to use the car rental service in our company:

Car rental in Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi

Useful for those who want cars for rent in Tbilisi, Batumi or Kutaisi:

  1. Why leave a deposit?
  2. Additional insurance
  3. Express service
  4. Take a car in one city, and return in another without additional payment
  5. Prepayment for reservation

The most popular cars for hire in Batumi:

Middle class

Hyundai Elantra

9 l/100km
2000 sm³
Cost of hire
144GEL 1-3 days 132GEL
129GEL 4-7 days 120GEL
120GEL 8-29 days 114GEL
117GEL > 30 days 105GEL
Deposit 900GEL

You can order a car rental in several convenient ways for you:

  1. Through the site - an easy to fill order form - just select the car class and the box - service 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  2. Through the site - click on the car in the fleet and indicate the locations of receipt and return, the estimated rental dates - the service is available 24/7
  3. Phone, Viber, WhatsApp - + 995-571-951-951 or + 995-514-951-951 - the service is available daily from 09 to 21 hours in Tbilisi time.
  4. On-line chat on the site - daily while on-line operators work from 09 to 20 hours.
  5. Feedback form - just ask your question 24 hours a day, we will respond as quickly as possible, for 12-24 hours.
  6. Write to booking department bookingteam@hire-auto.biz – 24 hours a day
  7. Come to our offices. Addresses are here >>>

The most popular cars for hire in Kutaisi:

Economy class

Nissan Versa 2012

0 l/100km
1800 sm³
Cost of hire
102GEL 1-3 days 90GEL
87GEL 4-7 days 69GEL
72GEL 8-29 days 60GEL
60GEL > 30 days 57GEL
Deposit 390GEL

Our company is one of the most budgetary companies, and provides car rental services in Georgia cheaply, at low, budget prices.

We will meet you at the office, at the airport. Honesty and punctuality is our fad.

The quality of our service is excellent, a large selection of cars will not remain you indifferent.

Cars that we offer for rent:
  1. The most budgetary: Toyota Yaris/Vitz , Honda Fit
  2. Economy class with luggage compartment or a more spacious interior: Mercedes A class , Nissan Note , Nissan Versa , Nissan Versa 2012
  3. Minivans or family cars for 6-8 seats: Mitsubishi Grandis , Nissan Quest , Toyota Siena , Nissan Presage . Quest и Siena with original left rudders.
  4. Budget off-road vehicles for trips to the mountains: Mitsubishi Pajero IO , Mitsubishi Pajero Pinin .
  5. Automobiles of middle class: Toyota Prius , Toyota Corolla , VolksWagen Jetta , Toyota Camry , Toyota Camry Hybrid , VolksWagen Passat B7 everywhere the original left steering wheel) .
  6. Crossovers or SUV class cars: Subaru Forester , VolksWagen Tiguan , Toyota RAV 4 , Nissan Juke , Mitsubishi ASX , Ford Escape , Jeep Wrangler , Mitsubishi Outlander (everywhere the original left steering wheel). Some cars RAV 4 and Outlander have a third row of seats, landing is possible for 7 people.
  7. Business class: Mercedes S класс (original left-hand drive)
  8. Cabriolet: Mercedes SLK (cars with the original left-hand drive).
You can contact us:

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