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Georgia in one day

Georgia is a country of ancient traditions, the incredible beauty of mountains and lakes. If you are interested in mountains, you should visit Svaneti. If you are a gourmet and lover of traditions, appreciate the exquisite Georgian wine - to you in Kakheti. When you like the sea, palm trees and exotic more - go to Ajara. Georgia has everything for everyone.


First of all, visit the waterfall and the bridge from the time of Queen Tamar.

Examine the waterfall 30-40 kilometers from Batumi in the direction of Keda. Waterfall height is about 30 meters. Further, we are moving towards the bridge that is spanned over the river from the time of Queen Tamara, which was built in the 14-15 centuries. We return to Batumi, but on the way back we inspect the wine house, where you can stop and taste the wine.

After that we go to the Botanical Garden: after climbing the alley up, we leave to the square with a large fountain and variegated flowers.

Next, we move to the fortress of Gonio: it was built by the Romans in the 1st century, and later was one of the strongholds of the Byzantine and then Ottoman empires. We are going to the Turkish border in the direction of the city of Trabzon. The border is represented by a small land area that separates the white building. Coming back, you should visit the beaches of Gonio and Sarpi: they will amaze with the purity of their water and sand.

In the city of Batumi we are heading for the Argo cable car: from here you can see beautiful panoramas of Batumi and its surroundings, the Caucasus Mountains and the Black Sea. With the help of this cable car you can get from the center of Batumi to the Anuria mountain.

Finally, let`s pay attention to the city itself: we will explore such sights as the love sculpture “Ali and Nino”, the tower of the Georgian alphabet, the astronomical clock, the dancing fountains.


To explore the whole Tbilisi one day will not be enough. However, you can still pay attention to many attractions:

Let's start with the fortress Narikala – is Tbilisi city fortress is something like a citadel. The function of the fortress is exclusively defensive. The time of construction is unknown. Scientists believe that it was built in the 360s.

We turn to the monument “Mother Georgia” - the statue symbolizes the Georgian national character, in her left hand she holds a bowl - for friends, and a sword in her right - for enemies.

Next, go to the Temple Metekhi (built in the 12th century). The first Georgian martyr, Queen Shushanika Ranskaya, is buried under the vaults of the temple. We examine the monument of Vakhtang Gorgasali - the king of Iberia in the 5th century, which is installed on the banks of the Kura River.

Heading towards the Mira Bridge and passing through it to Rike Park - located on the left bank of the Kura River, the park was built in 2010 and is considered to be the newest one.

From Rike Park, we can observe the House of Justice - a public institution that was opened only in 2012. The building was created by the architect Massimilano Fuksas.

In the evening, go for a walk on Chardin Street, which became a haven for many cafes, bars, restaurants and clubs, all that Tbilisi’s nightlife lives with.


We visit the house of Mirza-Riza Khan - in the center of Borjomi, this is a magnificent mansion that amazes with its elegance and lightness.

Next up is the Lycan Palace. It was built by Russian architect Leonty Benoit, and to provide it with electricity, the first hydroelectric power station in Georgia was built nearby.

After that we follow to the Green monastery. The building creates the impression of a quiet and ancient monastery, away from the rush of the world, among the mountains and dense forests on the bank of a fast and noisy river.

Next we follow to the cable car in Borjomi. It was built in the 1960s, booths that run along the route in their design resemble labels from bottles of mineral water "Borjomi".

Finally, we will visit the Atskuri fortress, which is located in the Borjomi gorge. It is possible to judge from the ruins of the fortress that it was built a long time ago, scientists cannot give exact dates. Fortifications appeared in the 9th century, and the remains of the present fortress were laid in the 14th century. After this, the fortress was still being renovated and completed.


As a rule, Telavi you should spend two days to fully enjoy the beauty and nature of the city. But, if you do not have time, then you can spend a brief tour for one day. Our route will pass through the Gombori Pass.

Our first attraction will be the fortress of Ujarma - it is a heavily destroyed fortress in the foothills of the Gombori ridge.

Next, we follow to the village of Sasadilo, which is located 20 kilometers from the fortress. The name of the village translates from Georgian as a snack bar, however, strangely enough, you will not find restaurants. During the trip to the village, you can see the Cold Mountain. It is called this way because, on the one hand, the mountain is covered with vegetation, and on the other, nothing grows on it.

Overcoming the Gombori Pass, you will see subalpine meadows, where only grass grows, which is very similar to the flora of the Alps. From here you can observe the Caucasian ridge.

We make a stop between the two monasteries of Shuamta, which translates as "between the mountains."

Finally, we got to Telavi - we take a walk here, and then we stay for the night.


A trip to Sighnaghi and its study usually takes two days, but in general, you can spend one day if you are in a hurry, but you want to visit as many cities as possible during your stay in Georgia.

Our first stop on the way to Sighnaghi will be the village of Manavi, 65 kilometers from Tbilisi. Usually Churchkhela is bought here because it is sold in almost every yard. The village is famous for the Manavis Mtsvane grape variety, as well as wine of the same name (Manavi - table dry white vintage wine).

Then we drive to the village of Badiari, which is interesting for baking bread and making delicious Georgian cheese.

After that, we stop in the village of Kagreti. Here we try the kebab, because it is believed that in this village it is the most delicious.

The next stop is the Bodbe area, where we stop to see the Nino monastery.

In the end, we get to the city of Sighnaghi. Here we devote time to wine tasting, we look at the main attraction of the city - the fortress and drive back to Tbilisi, the road where it takes us about two hours.

Mtskheta and Uplistsikhe

We examine the surroundings of Mtskheta and Uplistsikhe in one day.

First, we visit Jvari - a male monastery and a temple of the 7th century on Mount Armazi, 13 kilometers from the old Georgian capital Mtskheta, near the Aragvi River and the Kura. After this, we will look at Mtskheta from a bird's eye view. We examine the Temple and after that we go to Uplistsikhe.

First we stop in Gori - the most ancient city of Georgia and the birthplace of Stalin. The status of the city it got in 1801. And first mentioned in the annals of the 7th century AD. Today it is a small settlement of 50,000 people.

After seeing Gori and its sights, we go to Mtskheta and inspect the fortress wall and the Svetitskhoveli Temple, which was built in the 11th century on the site of the first in Georgia Christian Church of the Twelve Apostles. This is the cathedral of the cross-domed temple. The facades of the temple are decorated with stone carvings, which is typical of Georgian architecture of the end of the 10th - beginning of the 11th century.

After a short tour we return to Tbilisi. The journey back takes about 20 minutes.

Kazbegi, Stepantsminda and Gudauri

If you are in Tbilisi and are going to visit the mountains and you have only one day left, then the best choice would be to go to Kazbegi. Also, in one day, you can explore three cities at once: Kazbegi, Stepantsminda and Gudauri.

First, we stop in Ananuri - it is a medieval defense fortress on the Georgian Military Highway, on the bank of the Zhinvali reservoir, located 64 kilometers from Tbilisi. It is difficult to say when it originated. One of the towers dates back to the 13th century.

After that we move to Gudauri and enjoy the ski resort - the youngest and most promising ski resort in the Caucasus. The development of this resort began in 1982. Here are some lifts, but there are four options for descent.

Next, we go to Kazbegi - resort area in the 165-km north of Tbilisi. The climate in Kazbegi is characterized by mild winters. We explore the scenic area, after which we head to Stepantsminda - where we can see such sights as the Gergeti Church, Mount Kazbek, Gergeti Glacier.

Return to Tbilisi takes about two hours.

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  2. Inspect Tbilisi
  3. Traveling in Borjomi
  4. We are going to Telavi
  5. Watch Signagi
  6. Mtskheta town and Uplistsikhe excavations
  7. Kazbegi, Stepantsminda and Gudauri
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