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The city of Gori is considered to be the heart of eastern Georgia. This is the second city in terms of population (which is 50,000), after Tbilisi. The name of the city comes from the word “goraki” - a rock formation located in the center of the city. First mentioned in historical sources in the 6th century, however, it is truly known for the fact that Stalin was born and lived here.

House Museum of Stalin

Since the city of Gori is the birthplace of Stalin, it is not a surprise that it was here that they decided to build a museum dedicated to this personality. The construction of the museum was completed after his death.

The museum is divided into 3 sections:


The fortress towers on a hill in the very center of the city. It was built in the time of David the Builder. The fortress is well preserved. According to historians, it was built on the place of an ancient building.


It is located 10 kilometers from the city of Gori on the banks of the Kura River. The city is carved into volcanic rocks. The first mention of the city dates back to the I century BC. The city was the center of pagan worship until the adoption of Christianity.


Jvari Church was built in the XII century on a rocky ledge. The earthquake of 1920 did not spare the church, and it was destroyed. However, in the 1980s. it was restored. Today, Jvari functions as a male monastery.

Ateni Zion

This is a temple in the village of Ateni, which is located in a gorge in the south of Gori. It was built in the 630th year. The frescoes of the era of the Golden Age, made back in 1080, have been preserved in the temple and everybody can admire them.

Also, you can look around Gori, the village Gardateni. Here you can watch a couple of historical sights. Or you can look in Urbnisi. It is also a village, remarkable for the fact that it houses a cathedral built in the 5th century.

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