Batumi Boulevard

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Batumi Boulevard or as it is also called – Batumi seaside park is one of the oldest place of interest in Batumi


The building of the boulevard began in 1881 at the initiative of a local governor. He cleared up the space for boulevard and after that offered to do aesthetic improvement works to the gardeners Reissler and Rayer.

New Boulevard

The Boulevard is unofficially divided into New and Old Boulevard. It is seven kilometers long. In the 21-st century the project of a new boulevard was made by the Spain architectures and in 2011 it was brought to life.

The beginning of a new boulevard is close to the circle, near the aqua park and goes on till the end of the embankment.

Last years the new boulevard is actively filled up with new buildings. There are less cafes and restaurants but soon there will be as many of them as in old boulevard. But they are the same if you compare the old and the new boulevard with each other.

Wonder Park

Located at the beginning of Batumi boulevard, there are such famous places of interest as Ali and Nino statue, Alphabet Tower and Ferris Wheel. The big square on the territory of the park is created not just for young men to ride on a bicycle and rollers – in summer the concerts and other events are often held there. The park illumination is one of the best, when it is dark outside, the park shines bright.

Dancing fountains

The unique place of interest on Batumi Boulevard is dancing fountains. The first music fountains were projected in 1977. And light-music show on the Ardogani lake is held by the fountains, that were created in 2009.

No matter when you prefer to have a walk in the park – visit it when the sun slowly goes down. You will have the unforgettable impressions.

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