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Express service

While booking and getting a car, the standard question is how long it will take to receive the car if I book it. You probably found a million links and sites where you are offered to receive a car for 15 minutes, but it is not always so, as it is actually real to get a car not during 15, but even during 5 minutes.

We value your time very much, and we also have a lot of customers who are waiting for the service and it is very important for us to receive and issue the car very quickly.

We want to give some tips and useful links how to make getting a car faster.

What to do:

  1. Get acquainted with the conditions of car rental on the site - you do not need to read the contract or listen to the instruction on the rental conditions.
  2. Get acquainted with places that are forbidden to travel
  3. Send documents (the passport you enter the country, two sides of the driver's license)

All these allow you to form a reservation correctly, arrange express service and at the time of visiting our office or getting a car at the airport, or in any other point, you will see the Contract, undergo an instruction on the car and inspect the vehicle.

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