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Attractions in Batumi

Visiting Batumi, we recommend paying attention to such attractions as well as a ride to Batumi neighborhood, to have a complete view of the city and Adjara.

Places to see:

  1. The Batumi Botanical Garden - located on the distance of 3-5 km from Batumi, a great place with nice views and rare plant species.
  2. Dolphin theatre - well worth a visit, as there are fantastic views with dolphins, so you can swim with the dolphins for a fee.
  3. Batumi Boulevard - sea promenade with bike path, a broad road to the promenade, palm trees, which are lit at night, the length of about 10 km.
  4. 6 May Park - a park in the city center, near the Dolphinarium, attractions for children, fountain. You can sit on a bench in the shade, enjoy the quiet alleys.
  5. Fountain of Neptune - is located near the theater in the center of Batumi, a fountain with gold, reminiscent of the structure of ancient Greece.
  6. Chacha Tower - at the sea side, does not always function issuing free Chachi.
  7. Statue of Ali and Nino - the same is in the beginning of the promenade, the futuristic style of the monument, which is moving, the two figures of masculinity and femininity penetrate each other.
  8. Batumi Ferris wheel - one of the symbols of Batumi, very nicely lit at night, can be seen even long before the arrival in the city.
  9. Tower, with the Georgian alphabet - a modern building with a restaurant and all Georgian alphabet, functioning elevator for the ascent to the top.
  10. Wedding Palace + fountains - modern wedding palace in the shape of the tail of the swan, with an area with fountains and bridges over the fountains that are popular with children.
  11. Singing fountains and laser show - fountains with laser show, playing the projection and fountains during the laser draws the image on the water. The program of "Swan Lake" and many other masterpieces.
  12. Europe Square - renovated square with a fountain in the center of Batumi, near the Government of Adjara.
  13. Astronomical Clock - one of the symbols of the city, watch that show astronomical figure, instead of the time.
  14. Church of St. Nicholas - one of the attractions, a small church rebuilt in style. Along with it, well worth a visit Mosque in the Turkish quarter and the building Sinagogi.
  15. Piaza - the hotel and the area, a copy of the Venetian Piazza San Marco, where hotels, restaurants, and every evening playing "live" music and dancing are tourists.
  16. Old Batumi - on Batumi old streets, you can find many restored buildings, very interesting, here partially implemented the Turkish quarter.
  17. Batumi McDonalds - one of the modern attractions of the city, the building with hanging gardens, which are located above the gas station.
  18. New Batumi - new houses, which have interesting architecture and aim to surprise tourists. Among them: the building of Justice overturned the hotel tower Batumi, Sheraton and Hilton Coliseum hotel, a restaurant with Arabic tower.
  19. Waterfall Makhuntseti + Queen Tamar Bridge times - located outside the city, about 30-40 minutes away by car, a waterfall and a bridge dating back to XVI century.
  20. Gonio Fortress - an old fortress, still remains from the Romans, is not far from Batumi.
  21. Batumi Fish Market - near the sea port, an excellent fish market where you can buy fresh fish or seafood, and even here it can clean and cook.
  22. Batumi Sea Port - if you're interested to see what the port is and how it functions.
  23. Walk to the funicular - climb the rope cable car up the mountain and look at the whole of Batumi and the bay with a bird's-eye view.

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