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Alphabetic Tower

Alphabetic Tower is located in Batumi. When you are in Batumi, you will easily find it, as it is 130 meters high. Located on the North part of Batumi Embankment. It is almost impossible to skip it.

Even being with hotels, the tower still stands out due to its unique construction.

DNA form – not a random one

The building of the tower was for a little bit longer than a year – it was started in October 2010 and finished – in December 2011, Spain architect Alberto Domingo Cabo created it. The Alphabetic Tower is wholly constructed from a metal. The whole building is wrapped around, as a DNA spiral, with every letter of Georgian alphabet that are made from aluminum (there are 33 of them, they are placed not chaotically, but in alphabetic order). It was not a random choice of association with DNA – as it consists and unites important information for life and a body, so a tower unites the whole Georgian folk into a one unity.

In such a way, The Georgian language was immortalized into architecture sphere.

Tower structure

The entrance into a tower is not free, you will have to pay 12 GEL to enter. But taking photos and making videos outside and inside the tower is not forbidden.

When you enter the tower, you will be on the first floor, where, except for an elevator there is nothing special (here you also have to pay an entrance fee). On the next floor is located an observation deck from which there is a beautiful view on Batumi. And in the “sphere” itself, located at the top of the tower, there is a restaurant. Initially it was built for 125 people as a maximum. However, according to the feedbacks of local people, the restaurant is sometimes open, sometimes – closed and works unstably. The prices there are not for tourists with a limited budget but the food is tasty.

Evening – the best time of the day to make a visit

It would be better to visit Alphabetic Tower when it is dark, when the letters are lighted in green color. But in this case, the view from observation deck will not be the same. That is why it is worth visiting the tower twice.

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