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Can I order a car in Georgia for several days and a few hours, for example, we take the car on Monday at 12 am, and will return the car on Thursday at 18 o'clock. Is it 3 days and 6 hours? Can we pay only for 6 hours of rental car rather than pay for a full day?

These questions sometimes are asked by people, we answer this question in more detail.

We are pleased you go to a meeting, but only if your delay is small and due to certain circumstances, for example, you have punched the wheel or something went wrong, we will go to meet you, do not take the time or late. But note that the car you are using can be ordered by the next person.

It is not difficult, do not take any extra cost, especially if the car is booked for tomorrow, we really look at things and understand that today less than a day we have not give a car to anyone. But you should also understand why we would like to see the car at 12:00 or ask you a fee for a full day. Before the next driver, we would like to inspect the car, to serve it well. If you return the car in 18 hours, instead of 12, and the client receives the car in the morning at 09 o'clock, we will not be able to service the car properly, so either will not be able to give the car in time, or will issue a car at your own risk, is excluded.

Cars have properties to break, especially those that are used by different drivers, that is, at the box office, or be a little problem, lit light bulb of a sensor, you just damaged the engine protection in a certain area in the mountains, we should all resolve to the next driver or to give another car. I understand that you may not have a particular problem that you start making noise protection, but the next driver will simply say that we have given him a defective car and we will put forward demands and claims that are not true.

We always provide 1 hour free for our customers, if you want to ride more - we invite you to pay an additional day.

Do not rush, even if you are late, we always get into your situation and will be with you, but we do not always pleased when you cheat or try to manipulate, for example, when we say that you are on high-way and we have struck the wheel, though our driver saw the car for another 30 minutes ago in the city across the street from our office. We are hard to explain to you in this situation, why do not we try to understand you, we do it because of your deception. Evil engenders evil, because try to be honest, we always treat you fairly and we want the same from you.

If we have the opportunity, we always understand you and you make some sort of service is not only cheaper, but even for free. We pay good for good! Choose our car rental in Georgia!

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