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Car rental in Georgia novelty of car fleet

Very often we are asked the question of novelty and the technical condition of the car, a year of car had been produced. In the internet there are reviews about a lot of rental companies made by customers, that "did not liked cars" and the car was old, and others wrote that the car is very pleasant, although the car was already 15 years old.

Reviews pretty good thing, but it would be better if they actually were written only by people, not by the rental companies.

In this article we would like to focus more on the Georgian fleet, in our company, in other car rental companies, in general, talk about cars in Georgia.

All cars in Georgia are very old if we compare them with the standards of Europe, the exUSSR countries. The car produced in 2003 is considered to be a new car in Georgia. In Georgia, you can often see the car without any bumpers or someone adding water to the radiator, in the mountain road, because car’s engine becomes too hot and cooling system is broken. This problem is not a random failure, it is a system.

There are new cars in Georgia (produced this year), but such vehicles, used by the police or government. Why? The answer is very simple and lies in the following aspects:

1. It is very cheap cars that was used. Nearly 60% -80% cheaper than new, that is why a lot of people buy it.
2. Low income in country population, although prices are not so low (when compared with the ex USSR countries).
3. Poor quality of service - branded stations are only in Tbilisi, the service is very expensive (indeed the case, because to serve the car in the garage is the same price as to serve the car at an original Toyota service in Kiev), the level of experts is very low, even at branded stations. The repair station staff can say we see the problem in the electronics of car. It's good, but what to do with it ? The station will respond – we do not know.
4. The new car becomes the same old after 15 000 - 30 000 km of running because of poor repair station service.
5. You can not find spare parts for cars from 2009 and above – you have to order it and wait more than 1 month from the United States or Europe.

What kind of cars receives Georgia:

1. Japanese - the best cars. The car, which is 10 years, have mileage only 30 000 km, and it's not a hoax, Japan provides all the certificates, and even a guarantee for such cars. Why run a little? Japan has a small area and a well-developed public transportation, which is superior in speed. How to right-hand drive? There are two options: to go with the right that is allowed in Georgia or relocate the steering wheel - here are engaged in entire neighborhoods stations.
2. European - cars driven in Europe with Japanese inferior in quality, since they have great runs.
3. United States - the United States delivered cars worst than Europe, as the US cars have very big runs of mileage.

From all cases you have exceptions, in cars also. You can see US car with low running, bad Japan car or … etc.

What kind of cars buy and use car rental companies in Georgia:

1. The most cheaper, that is the cheapest car of unknown status and quality
2. The good machines that are selected, maintained and then used only
3. New Cars

We belong to the second category, we choose cars in the US and Japan, and have them delivered to Georgia by ship. All vehicles have a full technical examination for 1 week - 2 weeks - that is changing all or nearly all, dry cleaning is carried out up to the complete dismantling of interior, installed new tires for the season.

We do not buy brand-new cars from the cabin for a few reasons:

1. After 10 000 - 15 000 km, the official service and mountain roads will make the new car as old.
2. There are no spare parts for cars, because a small problem becomes a serious.
3. The car will stay completely new till the first client.

We guarantee the quality and the condition of our cars as we:

1. We provide service 24 hours a day.
2. The replacement vehicle in the event of a breakdown or accident.
3. Installed tires allowing the use of a car on the roads of Georgia.

There are a number of companies that declare that they use the new cars at the office, in fact, they are, but that's not all, they have only a few new cars in their fleet. For example, it may be a new Hyundai Getz, which was officially not produced by Hyundai from 2008? These companies do not publish prices for cars on their websites, as prices have unpleasant surprise for you. For example, the car Kia Picanto (new, this year) with supply and return in Kutaisi will cost you 125 GEL a day and this price is proposed when renting for 10-12 days. You can rent VolksWagen Jetta Manual 2012-2013 year with leather interior, sunroof, 2.5 liter engine and mileage 30,000 km from us for a lesser amount including delivery and drop of in Kutaisi at night, for 118 GEL. Now compare yourself Picanto car, which is not even A class, it is simply a mini, and full C class, which has applied even to a class D because of its large size. Think, the advantage is obvious! Isn`t it? If for you it is still important 2016 year - then choose Picanto and no other.

On our web we start to show the real pictures of cars, in order that you can see and watch them. We can not put all the cars, as cars of one brand, for example, Mitsubishi Pajero IO, we have more than 15 cars. We show full picture of one of the cars in brand.

If this article has brought you a favor, we are happy. We hope that we can be useful to you in the car rental. Our goal is not to trick you or not give unreal for the real, our goal is to tell you the truth. We want you to be satisfied, recommend us and become our regular customers.

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