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Kakheti, travels in Georgia by car

Kakheti is the historical region of the Eastern part of Georgia. This region is famous for its wine and Tusheti mountains. In Kakheti there are many attractions, monasteries and beautiful natural sites. One of the is Gremi castle of the XVI century, it was the capital of the Kahetin’s Kingdom, a very popular facility for tourists.

To visit all these amazing places, you just need to book a car rental in Tbilisi and enjoy the ride.

To the South-East from Tbilisi is no more than 60 km. On the Georgian-Azerbaijani border is located the monastery of David-Gareja. The monastery complex is striking in its uniqueness. The temple is carved in the rocks about 20 monasteries, just an awesome sight - this you have to see by your own eyes.

For the trip to Kakheti it is necessary to book a car rental in Georgia, of course, you can use the services of guides or taxi drivers, but in this case your trip will be limited to a single day. Usually people who travels to Kakheti usually likes to stay there for several days. Even in the hottest summer people use the car rental in Tbilisi and don't go to the sea. In Kakheti, it's cooler and fresher in the summer than at other places in Georgia.

All the interesting places of Kakheti region can be divided into specific sections, it's monasteries, fortresses, towns, parks and museums.

Among the monasteries worth visiting the monastery of David-Gareji, Alaverdi and Ikalto, Nekresi. Many of the monasteries built in the IV-VI centuries and represent not only spiritual but also historical value.

Between the castles we recommend to visit the Royal Palace in Telavi, Gremi castle, Khornabuji fortress in Kvareli, a town-fortress Kvetera, the city-fortress of Bochorma, Kehila and Cerami, Ujarma and Sighnaghi, as well as Bakhtrioni.

In Kakheti a lot of dead cities and they are not like the American Detroit, it's just the ancient city, which once was full of life, now under the influence of civilization, they are gone. Dead cities are Gremi, Nekresi, Kvetera and Bochorma. Now excavations are conducted lively new towns, unfortunately tourists cannot get there, but soon it will appear near historical landmarks.

We recommend to visit the national parks of Tusheti and Vashlovani, and even here their order is 10 pieces, but we pointed out the biggest and most popular.

Of course in the Kakheti region there are a lot of museums. We also recommend you to visit the resorts on the lakes, namely Lopota, Kvareli lake. Just a few years ago here grow up great resorts with good hotels. Resorts, beautiful nature, lakes.

In General, Kakheti is a Paradise, it combines nature which is due to horrible management in the Soviet era was transformed into an urban city. Sometimes bad leaders leave a good mark to their descendants that they do not have time to spoil the pristine nature.

Book car rental in Tbilisi or other city of Georgia and visit Kakheti. Having been here you just get sick of the country Georgia, your trip to Kakheti will bring you a lasting impression and you will long remember this trip and will want again and again return to Georgia.

We, as a company car rental in Georgia: Kakheti, Tbilisi, Batumi, will make sure that you only rested and got great experiences.

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