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Rent a budget SUVs in Georgia

If you decide to ride on the most beautiful mountain passes in the world, go to Georgia. At any time of the year: summer, fall, winter or spring you will see unforgettable beauty, mountain roads and landscapes.

For a trip into the mountains it is best to choose a budget SUV, but the word budget and SUV somehow not aligned. We have long been accustomed to thinking that the SUV is certainly not cheap. For a normal car with automatic transmission, air conditioning, four-wheel drive is at least 190 GEL a day, and then all of 360.

Analyzing the car rental webs in Georgia: Tbilisi and Batumi, we come to the conclusion that the service is less than 360 lari and the budget SUV can be rented for 150 - 220 lari.

Our car rental company in Georgia, offering rental cars in Tbilisi and Kutaisi at a very cheap price, our price for low cost SUV starts at 96 GEL and then lower and lower, down to 48 GEL a day, which means that you can enter in the budget 48-96 lari a day to rent an inexpensive SUV.

What is a low-cost SUV: budget car, which, though not new, but are in adequate condition with air-conditioning, four-wheel drive. These cars can easily drive into the mountains, to admire the beauty and get to any destination. Do not think that you are offered the bad cars. Our cars are off-road class - is the type of car Russian UAZ (Soviet army SUV), specifically for your trips to the easy road in a Georgian beauty.

If you like more comfort - consider a more recent version of the crossover's 48-72 lari a day more on the above proposal.

We offer vehicles for every taste and budget. Call - agree. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Mitsubishi Pajero IO
Mitsubishi Pajero IO
Mitsubishi Pajero Pinin
Mitsubishi Pajero Pinin

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