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Riding a car and the car parking is not a problem in Georgia. Pay Parking exists only in the 3 cities in Georgia at that moment. Free parking does not mean that you will not be asked for money from the people in the parking vests (parking attendants). Learn more about why they ask and whether it is legal, it is necessary to pay, read below.

Paid parking

Mandatory Paid parking is available in the following cities: Tbilisi, Kutaisi and Batumi, here you necessarily have to buy a parking ticket. Please note: no one parking attendant will not help you with a subscription, it is your personal problem. Our staff can organize you everything in the future, just tell us what, where and when necessary. Parking is paid daily, weekly, monthly, half a year or a year. Parking for each city is separately. You can not pay for parking for a week if you have 2 days in Tbilisi and Kutaisi in 2 days and 2 days somewhere else. There will be a daily parking charge. Each city: Tbilisi, Kutaisi and Batumi have a municipal parking service and payment takes place exclusively on the local details of the services from any point of Georgia.

Pay parking

Payment can be in any banking terminal, specifying the program data of the certificate of registration of the vehicle and the number of the car, as well as selecting the required parking service.


Parking price depends on the parking period, ie the period for which you buy a ticket.

Please note, prices are only approximate, are only valid for one city, due to changes in the national currency and prices may vary.

Anyway paid parking

No matter whether you have paid for parking, entrance to special places will be paid. Paid separately arrivals gate at airports, railway stations, markets and covered parking. The cost of it is 1.25 GEL per hour.

My hotel has a parking

If your hotel says that it has a free parking service, anyway verify if the hotel is on the city's land and nearby there is a sign "P", the payment of the municipal parking lot all the same should be done.

Park your car for free

If the hotel is located somewhere deep and far, and there is a private courtyard or some remote location, parking is free. Alternatively, the hotel should be clearly fenced off area.

Parking equipment

You meet a lot of men who are dressed in bright vests and help you park with the rod. It's not the employees of municipal parking service they are ordinary people who found themselves a job. Such a person takes 3-10 places for parking and protects them, helps to park in the hope to get from you such as 1-2 GEL compensation. If you do not give him money, he could even knock on your car. The activities of such people are not regulated by law and the police is always on your side, but the Georgians always give money to people like to pay for their work and help them, as well as avoiding bad words to their side. Usually give 0,20-0,50 GEL, sometimes insolent ask for 1-2 GEL.

Employees of the municipal parking service

You hardly notice these workers, they are dressed in dark blue shirts and trousers with a small stripe, go with the laptops and take pictures of the car, initially checking the vehicle number in the database. If parking is not paid, they write out a fine, and put a check under the glass. If you prevent the passage or standing for a long time in spite of the fine your car will be evacuated.

Parking in the wrong place

Have you parked the car in the wrong place, or in spite of the fine has not paid for it and moved the car during the day? Then your car will be subject to evacuation. You pay evacuation services, fines and parking, all worth about 125 GEL.

Fines for parking

If parking is not paid, you will be fined - 10 GEL During the evacuation of cars is about 125 GEL.

How to pay for parking

To approach the bank terminal, enter data of the vehicle number and the certificate of registration. You can go to any branch of the bank, to present a passport at the car and tell what city you want to pay for parking - the cashier will do.

We will pay for parking

Is it difficult for you to pay for parking? Give the job to our employees - they will do it for you.

What should I do if the car is not in its place

You come out and see no car available. It was not stolen, most likely it's just evacuated for a wrong parking. Call us or a fine site, pay fines and take away cars.

Slide on Foreign rooms

If you come on your car, in 2015 introduced a special payment for parking for foreign cars, pay for a bank.

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