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How to get from the airport

In this article, we'll show how to get to the nearest from the airport. In the framework of this article does not address ways to commute by car, car hire, taxis, just a ride, etc. Here we consider only real transport facilities that you can use at the airport area and how much it costs.

The article was written in September 2016, the US dollar to Georgian GEL is 1 USD = 2,32 GEL. All prices are quoted at the time of this writing, we are not a guarantor of prices of these services, but only give prices at the time of writing, such as those that were reported from the transport companies. The article discusses the three airports of Georgia in Tbilisi, Kutaisi and Batumi.

How to get to Tbilisi from Tbilisi airport

  1. The bus number 37 that runs 1 time per each hour. The movement of the bus is from 09 AM till 09 PM. After 9PM you can not use a bus option. The route goes through town and ends at the railway station in Tbilisi. The fare is 0.50 GEL per person. It is necessary to have a coin 50 tetri or 10,20 tetri or 1 GEL coin to travel for 2 persons. The bus stop is immediately at the exit of the airport terminal. The bus without air conditioning. It is the Ukrainian production bus of the brand "Bogdan". Point bus stop - 41.669573, 44.965553, but the final stop of the bus, there is a railway station of Tbilisi - 41.720305, 44.798835
  2. The train - goes 2-3 times a day to get on it fairly hard going to the train station. Train station is a covered pavilion. You must exit the airport building and walk through the Parking lot on the opposite side, it is slightly to the left to get to train station. You can use it up to 9 PM. Point train station 41.671067, 44.964957
  3. . The airport taxi service – cars, mainly the Toyota RAV4. Travelling to the city will cost you around 30 GEL. The cars are 2009-2010 year old. There is a taximeter inside, but cheaper than 30 GEL you hardly reach the city. Service provided 24 hours a day. Taxi stop - 41.669633, 44.965264
  4. The taxi touts – they run in the airport terminal and quietly whisper in the ear, not whether a taxi on the street and stick already open. The cost of their services will be 5 GEL cheaper than a taxi RAV4, they understand that you are tourists and is the only way to pull money from you is to say expensive, to take away. The working hours are non stop. They are working on the exit of the airport, here are the coordinates - 41.669477, 44.965442
  5. Taxi coming to the opposite direction – it's the same taxi. These cars bring passengers to the airport, landed and immediately leave, as the airport customer they can not wait, the attack is not here for them. That’s why, after dropping off a customer, they are going to turn back. If you stop this car, you can easily bargain and leave airport area for 10-15 GEL. What is the reason and why you can get cheap? All these taxi drivers come to the city empty and therefore, to bring you 15 GEL – at least it's not 0, that’s why you need to bargain. The only thing that not everyone will agree to take you for the money, but wait 10-15 minutes and you will find your driver and the car. They go around the clock, but in the daytime and during the flight such cars more. To take such a car out of the terminal building, go through the Parking and stop the car. Near the station they will not stop, there are many touts and Parking near the station and against it is not allowed and is possible only for landing of passengers, so jump in the car faster. There it is necessary to stop the taxi drivers who go in the opposite direction - 41.669991, 44.965956

How to get to Batumi from Batumi airport

  1. The buses number 9 goes across town or number 10 goes through the Rustaveli Avenue – the fare depends on the number of tickets purchased and where they purchased. To read more you can use the link article about public transport. Frequency of transport - every 30 minutes. The price is 40-50 tetri per person. Here are buses station cc41.606840, 41.611174
  2. Taxi drivers touts – there is no taxi service which would work at the airport. When you go out from the airport building you will be met by a few touts, who drive a bit overpriced. You can stop a taxi with a taxometer, who brought someone. The cost of the taxi with taxometer to get to the area of Aqua Park is 6-7 GEL for the trip, to the Sheraton area a little further – about 9-12 GEL. They work here - 41.606840, 41.611174, when you exit.
  3. Call a taxi – if you know the telephone number, call a taxi with a taxometer, the price is indicated above. Learn more about these services, read the article: taxis in Georgia.

How to get to Kutaisi, Batumi or Tbilisi from Kutaisi airport

  1. The bus on the road – exit the airport and walk 30 meters to the highway and stop a bus going to Tbilisi or Batumi. Minibuses which travel to Tbilisi can take you to the city of Kutaisi. The cost of travel: up to 10-15 GEL to Tbilisi, to Batumi – 10 GEL, but sometimes they try to take 15 GEL from you. To get to Kutaisi – 5 GEL tax. All minibuses are the old vans Sprinter or Transit, no air conditioning. It is very often, signs on buses are written in Georgian, to understand what is written there is impossible if you do not know the Georgian alphabet. The only way is to write the sign of Tbilisi or Batumi independently and stand with it. It is hard to leave at night or if your trip will be in winter. At the moment, a lot of Shuttle buses running on the way from Tbilisi to Batumi or Vice versa, circle the airport on the ring road, so the number of minibuses is reduced. If you go to Batumi, stop is here 42.183346, 42.465096, if you go to Tbilisi or Kutaisi, stop is here 42.183207, 42.465208
  2. Airport Shuttle service – these buses specifically comes under each flight. After arrival and collection of your luggage, immediately go to the front, buy a ticket and go to Tbilisi or Batumi. The price of the shuttle service is 5-10 GEL more expensive than the usual mini bus that you can stop on the highway. You need to change money before you buy the ticket. As you know, the exchange rate is not very good at the airport. It is better to have 10-20 USD in small denominations to exchange and pay for the bus service. Stop of the Shuttle, buses parking area - 42.182437, 42.466070
  3. .Taxi drivers-touts– they were driven out of the airport building, you can see them on the street. They are ready to take you anywhere. The average cost of a trip to Batumi is 40 USD, to Tbilisi is from 60 US to 70 USD, of course you will get the price 30% more expensive, but can be traded. Taxis are outside the terminal, here - 42.182247, 42.465510

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We hope that our article has given you more information about how to get from the airport. We are waiting for you in Georgia.

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