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Discount for early booking

Dear customers, in order to create additional discounts, reduce the cost of a car rental service and reservation on peak dates, we offer you a discount for early booking.

If you are going to visit Georgia in a high season, namely during the May holidays, May, September, or during the summer months, we offer you a number of prices for these dates and discounts for early booking.

In order to take advantage of a discount you must:

  1. Book a car via the website, by telephone, or viber WhatsApp, Skype or any other way you like
  2. Reservations must be made 1 month before the start of the car rent
  3. You must send your passport and driver's data or documents for affixing booking
  4. The need for 100% payment for the entire rental period.

Early Booking terms and conditions:

  1. 100% in advance payment
  2. Advance payment is made through the site by card
  3. Dates and booking time are tough and when you change the time or date, reservation is necessary to burn and put a new one.
  4. In case of cancellation of the reservation, the money paid in advance will not be returned, ie the book is tough.
  5. The deposit for early booking is paid only in cash In cash when getting a car.

Discount for early booking, the guarantee

When booking a car in advance, you get:

  1. Reservations by vehicle class and mandatory preference gearbox
  2. 100% guaranteed delivery vehicle according to the specified conditions
  3. Vehicle change service on the same class or higher, if we can’t ensure the chosen vehicle or class on the day of hire
  4. You get a discount on the basic car rental services, discount for additional services will not be used

Also you can view the current prices, or going to the car fleet:

To book a car, use an electronic order form on our website or contact other convenient way.

Hire car company in Georgia

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