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Rent a car in Kutaisi and the surrounding area, what to see

We continue our series of articles about different cities of Georgia. In this article we will focus on visiting the city of Kutaisi and nearby attractions of it.

Kutaisi is a large city on the Georgian standards, but the population is not so much. Kutaisi is known by several aspects: the availability of the budget airport in Kopitnari, there is a temporary Parliament of Georgia, as well as, a city with the largest concentration of thieves. The powerful criminal groups of the former USSR came from Kutaisi. You should not be afraid of anything, the police is working fine, no thieves, a crime almost all forgotten. Kutaisi can be compared with Chicago, but only in miniature.

The main sights in Kutaisi

  1. Bagrat Temple - Cathedral X-XI centuries AC, has a special warehouse of Georgian architecture, it is not only the holy place but also architectural and historical value of Georgia and the world. (Coordinates: 42.277245, 42.704296)
  2. Kutaisi State Historical Museum - a large number of exhibits, many of which date back to the XII-IX centuries BC and until the Middle Ages. (Coordinates: 42.268827, 42.704028)
  3. Walk through the historic district of Kutaisi - namely, Tsereteli Street, Pushkin, St. Nino, Tsisperkantselta, White Bridge - just inhale all the culture and history of this city (Coordinates: 42.268892, 42.700898)
  4. Gelati Monastery - a temple, which was the center of education in the Middle Ages, is a cultural monument of Georgia and UNESCO. In the courtyard of the temple is the tomb of David the Builder (Coordinates: 42.294835, 42.768449)
  5. Motsameta monastery complex - located only 6 km from Kutaisi, built in the VI century, valuable not only in history, but it is also the place most holy, here are the relics of Saints David and Constantine. (Coordinates: 42.282618, 42.759239)
  6. Vani Museum of Archaeology - the exposition, which presents the historical development of Vani from VIII to I century BC. Here you will find the ancient bronze sculpture statues, articles of precious metals. (Coordinates: 42.085993, 42.504779)
  7. Reserve Sataplia - located near Banodzha village is a protected area covered by forest, an area of over 500 hectares. On the territory of the reserve there are traces of dinosaurs, you can go to the karst cave. Please note, there is an output, therefore it is better to exclude Monday or Tuesday as visiting this place. (Coordinates: 42.310723, 42.675539)
  8. Prometheus Cave - 40 km from Kutaisi, the cave with stalactites and stalagmites, there are petrified waterfalls and underground rivers. Even on the hottest day there is cool, take a warm jacket. Coming a long way through the cave, you can reach the exit on foot or enjoy a boat ride on the river in the rock. Here the day off on Monday or Tuesday, that’s why you should refrain from visiting these places these days. (Coordinates: 42.376950, 42.600860)
  9. Post Katskhi - 40 meter high limestone monolith, on top of which is the church. The church was built on the remains of the temple, which was many centuries ago, there is a crypt and a wine cellar, the remains of the fortress wall. (Coordinates: 42.287755, 43.215703)
  10. Canyon Gordy - Okatse located in the river valley, there is a pedestrian suspension bridge, about 1 km long and a height of about 140 meters over the cliff. For a long time here could not get the tourists, but now there are no problems, all the seats available. (Coordinates: 42.448998, 42.548650)

We have tried to enlighten the main places, if we do not specify anything, or if you would like to know more - please contact us about it, we will expand the list of articles.

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