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How to get to or what type of transport is better to use while traveling to Georgia. If you decide to rent a car only locally, for example in Tbilisi or in Batumi, and at the same time between the cities you want to go not using a rented car, this article will give you advice.

In this article we will focus on the ability to move on the territory of Georgia between the main cities, the places where people come and to which arrive tourists, namely: Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi, naturally affected the coastal cities: Kobuletti, Ureki.

All prices are stated on August 2016, the price of 1 dollar at the moment 2.35 GEL. In this article we do not consider: car rental, transfers, services, friends and taxi drivers, horse-drawn vehicles, aircraft, we speak just about public land transport: taxis, buses, trains. Please note: prices may vary slightly from those stated, as companies can change them. We do not guarantee the set price in this article, but simply give the information here as a reference.

If you want to take an advantage of transport to get to the airport, then read a special article: how to get to or from the airport in Tbilisi, Kutaisi and Batumi.

How to get from Tbilisi to Batumi, Kutaisi, Ureki, Kobuletti and back. Tbilisi-Batumi road covers coming to Ureki and Kobuletti, Kutaisi as well, just tell about this to a driver and he will deliver you, and will not go on the bypass road.

1. The shuttle bus stations are: the station in Tbilisi “Didube” or shuttle from railroad station – the back side of railroad station. From Batumi to Tbilisi, stations in Batumi: bus or shuttle near the funicular, bottom Chavchavadze streets.


2. Minibus, such as the Mercedes Vito, near “Didube” close to a gasoline station or near stalls in case we speak about Tbilisi. Near the cable car station in Batumi, but there they goes if it is they turn but not separately from Sprinters as in Tbilisi. Vito in Tbilisi it as a separate class, but not in Batumi.

3. The air-conditioned bus. Turkish company launched the large buses from Tbilisi to Batumi. All the buses are comfortable


4. Comfortable air-conditioned train


5. Night train with air-conditioned and beds


We have given you a rough list of how to get between the main cities, if you have questions, suggestions - please send us, we consecrate them to other pages on our website. We are doing a site for you and we want it to be interesting to you, not only from the standpoint of the car rental. Our main goal is you and your comfort, we do not insist on the position - not ordered from us - go from here. We are ready to assist you and look forward to your questions or suggestions that we could explore and describe in more detail.

Coordinates of bus and vocals with GPS data on Google maps.

  1. Station Didube in Tbilisi - 41.751271,44.778602
  2. Minibus parking Mercedes Vito and others near Didube station (2 places) - 41.752457, 44.778425 near the Gulf gasoline station, barking close to bus station - 41.749181, 44.778024
  3. railway station in Tbilisi - 41.721142, 44.799205 square near station
  4. minibus parking close to Tbilisi railway station - 41.721895, 44.799033
  5. railway station in Batumi - 41.659298, 41.677964
  6. railway ticket office in Batumi (buy a ticket in the city) - 41.652109, 41.640384, Zviad Gamsakhurtia str, 1, Batumi
  7. The parking near to the cable car in Batumi 41.646807, 41.645486,Gogebashvili str. Batumi
  8. Bus station in Batumi - 41.643701, 41.650498, Maiakovskiy str. Batumi
  9. Metro Bus station in Tbilisi - 41.675206,44.834609
  10. Metro Bus station in Batumi - 41.643374, 41.669409, Gogolia str. Batumi

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