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Visit McDonalds in Batumi

We can say that one of the attractions of Batumi in Georgia is the McDonalds restaurant. The reason for visit this restaurant is not in the fact that it is unique or unusual burgers served here, the reason is interesting architecture building. This is a unique restaurant network, this does not exist anywhere in the world and be surprised to see it.

If you look on the outside, the restaurant resembles an enormous canopy or stop. If you inspect the building from the seaside, you do not think that this McDonald's restaurant. You just see a petrol station. This is true. The building is not only performs the role of a restaurant, it is really a canopy over the gas station of SOCAR, beating that you will see the entrance to McDonald's. All that you drew in the imagination now is a primitive structure, such as the eatery station. No, this is architectural masterpiece made of plastic and glass.

McDonalds is a fully cascaded building inside with terraces and the top floor is divided into a closed, air-conditioned area and open area, with a street flower beds and gardens, and everything is located over the gasoline station.

Are you going to visit Batumi? Be sure to visit McDonalds, for architecture, but if you want a snack - the traditional set of dishes are for your service. The labels of restaurant will delight the citizens of Ukraine, because they are made in the Ukrainian language. Please note that the price of lunch at McDonald's and in the usual restaurant can be exactly the same.

In any case, we make you a photo of the price tag at McDonalds at the end of July 2016. All prices are in GEL. One US dollar equals 2.33 - 2.35 Georgian Lari at the time of publication of this article.

McDonalds coordinates: 41.643445, 41.617832

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McDonald's menu

McDonald's menu Batumi

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