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Where to eat, how much cost food in Georgian restaurants

This article is specially written for our visitors and our customers that renting a car in Georgia, we are often asked a question: where to eat, what to eat and how much it costs. Later, we will focus more on issues what to taste and where to taste, but in the meantime, just an introductory article with food prices.

Dear visitor, please note on the date of writing and the actual exchange rate and time of writing. The prices are given according to the analysis of Tbilisi and Batumi restaurants, in July 2016, the exchange rate: 1 USD = 2,33-2,35 GEL 1 euro = 2,55-2,60 GEL.

We have said that the cost of eating in restaurants and fast food of Georgia are the same, so it is your choice what to use.

What are the places and types of restaurants where you can eat in Georgia:

  1. Simply restaurants - different, mostly with national cuisine
  2. Restaurants with ready meals, by type of modern dining rooms
  3. Roadside cafe on the highway
  4. Doner and Khachapuri cafes

Restaurants is the most popular type of institutions. There is a large number of restaurants in the cities near the places where there are a lot of tourists.

The cafe with a ready meal often can be found in Turkish streets in Batumi or very rare in Tbilisi. This kind of cafés and restaurants is not well developed, if we do not treat it khachapuri cafe.

Roadside cafe - a very low level, there is no good cafes at the gasoline station, there are few places that can be recommended, by they are not excellent.

Doner, khachapuri cafes - a lot of, especially khachapuri cafes as on highways and in cities.

Georgian cuisine is quite a bready. The table is represented by a large number of all sorts of khachapuri, lobiani and like these.

Prices for food

The food price in restaurants:

  1. Adjara khachapuri, small (enough for 2 people, if it is not regarded as a major dish, and meals instead of bread, then for three or four people) - Price 7-9 GEL
  2. Lula - burger in a pita, in the marinade - 11-13 GEL
  3. Salad "Caesar" - a size that it can be a full dinner – 9-10 GEL
  4. French fries - 3-4 GEL
  5. Khinkali: 0.5-0.75 GEL for a unit, usually it is necessary to order at least 5 units, ie, a dish will be released 5 - 7.5 GEL

Please note that in the 80% of restaurant you will be taken commission for the service, it is 10-15% from the bill ammount.

The cafes with ready meals, can be found in the Turkish quarter, in Batumi - this is in the old town, close to the seaport or on the road in the direction to Sarpi. Such cafes in Tbilisi are represented at the street of David Agmashenebeli (David the Builder). By the way, the David Agmashenebeli street is very well restored and there are not a lot of tourists.

The Turkish eateries can be a good idea to eat for 10-14 GEL per person. The tea will be brought for you for free and in any quantity. We can set only several local cafes with ready food in Tbilisi, namely in the street up from the Liberty Square, just to the right and after 150 meters left at the T-junction. Price for a lunch there just about 10-14 GEL per person.

The roadside cafes are mostly on the road, it is converted farmhouses in the dining room. There are few places more or less normal in Khashuri at the Tbilisi to Batumi road. There you can drink a good cup of coffee and eat pastries with cheese and ham. Price for latte + a bread with ham and cheese (it will be enough for two people) about 10 GEL.

The doner or khachapuri cafes are represented in a large number in each city. The price for doner depends on the quarter (tourist or local), and size. There are small, medium and large doners. The small costs 5-7 GEL, middle is 7-9 GEL, the large one is 10-13 GEL. The khachapuri is from 5 GEL.

Please pay attention on every café and it is better to have some drugs with you not to have the problems with your stomach.

How to get there?

Useful coordinates:

  1. Turkish quarter in Batumi with fast food restaurants - 41.646596, 41.644846
  2. Turkish restaurants in Tbilisi - 41.711117, 44.796084
  3. Fast foods with different food in Tbilisi - 41.692985, 44.800706, 41.692136, 44.797603
  4. Cafe khachapuri in Zestafoni 42.112554, 43.038306
  5. Restaurants with Georgian food in Tbilisi - 41.692136, 44.797603
  6. Good roadside cafe near Tbilisi, with a large selection of dishes and the store - 42.016523, 44.065444 and 42.016935, 44.025763

We hope that this article will help you if you have noticed the discrepancy and want something to correct please write to us. We will be happy to provide you with rental cars in Georgia: Tbilisi, Batumi and Kutaisi. We are always at your service for any questions.

Do you still have questions? Write:

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