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Transport in cities of Georgia: Tbilisi and Batumi

This article we wrote for those who want to travel by car in the city. Usually rent a car is used in case, when somebody want to see some of the surroundings, and mostly either walk or use public transport. Here we want to describe the theme of travel and public transport in Georgia in the cities of Tbilisi and Batumi.

In the article we do not offer taxi, tourist buses, bicycles and scooters. If you are interested in taxi – read the article at the link taxi in Georgia. If you are interested in information about how to get from the airport, just go to: to get from the airport.

Information current in August 2016. 1 dollar is equal to 2.35 gel. 1 GEL= 100 tetri.

Transportation in Tbilisi:

  1. Subway in Tbilisi has two lines. The lines are located in the Central part of the city and outside the city. To travel you must have cards that can be purchased at the entrance of the subway. The cost of card is 2 gel, the card is replenished by any amount, then when driving, it removed 50 tetri for each ride. This card can be used to travel in a bus.
  2. Buses – small buses of Ukrainian production, "Bogdan", and less large buses. Travel costs 0.50 GEL (50 tetri). You can buy a ticket on the bus, namely, lowering in the coin slot. The coin is 50 tetri for one ticket, or 1 gel for two tickets. There is no exchange. You must have either the 50 tetri coin or coins of 20 and 10 tetri, which takes the coin, if you lower the gel 1, out 2 tickets. Coins catchers are 2 or 3 on the whole bus, located near the entrance/exit. The supervisors travels a lot inside the buses. Traveling without a ticket is the fine of 5 gel. Each stop has an online menu with the arrival time of a bus, the scoreboard in Georgian and English languages, the error of +/- 1 minute. As payment for the ride can be done using the card, the one for subway, it is universal for any kind of transport.
  3. Minibuses Ford Transit, air conditioning, purchased by the government, new cars. Air conditioning is not always included, rather rarely included. The fare is 80 tetri, payable at the end of the journey, but not at the beginning. Bus stops are at bus stops area, but you can give up and in some cases, you will pick up on the road. It is important to know the number of the bus that you can drive.
  4. . Funicular – rail car, walks to the Park. For a trip you need to have a card that needs to be recharged for the amount of travel or more. The card is the same as that for bus and subway.
  5. Cable car from the center of the hill to the monument of Mother of Georgia and Narikala fortress. For travel, you must purchase a card and put money on it to travel, after the card can take, but only in the presence of your passport. Here you use another card type, not the one in public transport.

Transportation in Batumi:

  1. Buses - medium size buses without air conditioning, or Chinese buses with air conditioning. For travel, you must purchase a ticket and validate it. You can buy tickets from the driver or at the store. Cheaper in the store and it's not because of the greed of the driver – such rules exist. The tickets can be bought 2 PCs, 4 PCs, 6 PCs and 12 PCs small Tickets are printed on a single sheet of paper, because you buy several pieces. If you divide the price, the cost of 1 ticket when you purchase 12 PCs, cheaper than 1 ticket if you buy 2 PCs, the price can vary by 10-15% for 1 ticket. The ticket is bent and composted. 2 bus tickets from the driver cost 80 tetri, that is, one ticket is 40 tetri, in the supermarket are cheaper and a greater number of passages, as well – cheaper. The electronic scoreboard with an online movement in Tbilisi, are not at all bus stops.
  2. MiniBus – old vans, without air conditioning, the fare is paid to driver upon exit. Stops at your request where you say, is in route. The fare is 40-50 tetri.

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