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What to see in Tbilisi. The sights of the capital of Georgia

Tbilisi is the old town, which also had the name of Tiflis. The major sights you'll see by foot walk or traveling for a short distances by car or public transport. If you have a car or you took the rental one in Tbilisi, you will spend for sightseeing 2 days if not 3-4 days.

What to see in Tbilisi? Main attractions, maps, coordinates::

1. The old town, the main place of concentration of tourist flows, in the old city it is our office. It is worth to watch sulfur baths and, if possible, to visit it, walk along the Sharden street. It is better to come to Sharden in the evening. There are three small streets between old houses. There are a lot of restaurants, cafes and night bars in this place. City life in Sharden street does not stop and it is always fun and interesting, there is a lot of tourists and the various institutions.
Shardeni Street Tbilisi - 41.690351, 44.808622

Sulfur baths - 41.688411, 44.810998

2. Glass bridge or bridge of peace that is included in all brochures and is named as one of the modern symbols of the city. The bridge is upon the land and over the Kura river, connecting the right and left Bank of the city. The bridge has only a pedestrian function and is presented in the form of a glass knight helmet of the Roman times. On the left Bank of the Kura river over the bridge lies a modern Park Rike.
Peace bridge - 41.693009, 44.808339

3. The Rike Park and the Opera house – there just has been landscaped, with a Playground, small amphitheater that is built for street performances, various sculptures as a great piano. The Rike Park has a big fountain which becomes a musical in the evening. This Park is very beautiful in the evening. It overlooks the entire mountain of Tbilisi, which in the evening is illuminated in electric lights. From the Park area departs the cable car to the Narikala fortress. There is a modern Opera house in the Park made in a style of hi-tech, resembling a metal pipe. The opposite side of the river in the park area is a high steep wall, about 50 meters in height, which separates the Park from the Avlabar district. Climb the stairs to get to the Avlabar. Wrap your head and look on the TV tower in Georgia, which shimmers in the lights and reminds Eiffel tower.
Coordinates of the Rike Park - 41.693262, 44.810411

4. Avlabar – old district of Tbilisi. This part of the city is planted by the Armenians. The Armenian population is present in the majority from the old time till today. Avlabar is just the old district, lifting there, a little on the mountain, you will hear endless drops and trickles of water that runs on the mountain. What is that jet of water?? It is sources of pure spring water, which are on the mountain. It is true, the spring water sources are located directly in the downtown. The Avlabar district is the Holy Trinity Cathedral.
Area Avlabar - 41.692070, 44.814801

5. The Palace of the President of Georgia – the place of work and residence of the President of Georgia, it can be seen from the Rike Park. There is always a large Georgian flag, and the building made of glass, which is visible from the various places of the city.
The presidential Palace, the exact coordinates - 41.695633, 44.811052

6. Narikala – the fortress, built in the time of the IV-VI centuries of our era. You can get to Narikala by the cable car or by foot through the old Tbilisi. The fortress served as an administrative center in the old days. The fortress walls reach more than 70 meters in some places, thanks to its elevated position.
Narikala fortress, location - 41.688116, 44.807390

7. Mother of Georgia -is a sculpture of Mother. It is a talisman of Georgia.

8. The Ministry of internal Affairs of Georgia -is on the road on the way to or from the airport. A new masterpiece of architecture, the beautiful modern glass building,. The building is green color.

9. Bank of Georgia – the Central office of the Bank of Georgia, a modern architectural masterpiece. The building has a chaotic structure and resembles either a barracks, whether the containers are placed one on another in a chaotic manner. The building and the architect is the recipient of numerous awards.
41.735863, 44.771020

10. Freedom square and Rustaveli Avenue – Freedom square – from new city, here is the border of the old and new town. The area is restored and has fountains and a monument in the center. There are the offices of many companies and administrative authorities. The Liberty square is the beginning of Rustaveli Avenue. You can see the building of the Georgian Parliament on the Rustaveli Avenue. There are many hostels and expensive shops.
Liberty Square - 41.693508, 44.801505

11. The funicular and the Park "Mtatsminda" - a funicular train which can take you to the upper point of Tbilisi. There is the amusement Park "Mtatsminda"– Georgian Disney world. This is not a Disney land, of course, but the Park has many attractions. There is also located the TV tower, which resembles Eiffel tower and shimmers so bright in the night. On the top of a TV tower you can find a restaurant. The Park is nice to spend time with children. All the rides are paid by card, the funds which you Deposit at the entrance to the Park. Also you can go by bus from the Park.
Mtatsminda - 41.694393, 44.784986, funicular - 41.695309, 44.791838

12. The Gabriadze theatre – the puppet theatre, which was founded in 1980. Many tourists come here to look at the interesting architecture of the theatre and the clock on tower of the theatre. Every hour the angel from the clock comes and tells the exact time. There are a few small restaurants close to the theater. You can enjoy live music and drink a couple of glasses of Georgian wine in the evening there.
Coordinates of the theater - 41.693508, 44.801505

13. The diocese of Georgia - it is possible to pass from Gabriadze theatre and glass bridge, is a restored quarter, just a beautiful place in the old town, where you can walk.
The coordinates of the Georgian diocese - 41.695488, 44.806585

14. The houses of Georgian oligarchs are the houses of Badri Patarkatsishvili, he died several years ago, as well as the house of the wealthiest man in Georgia, Bedzina Ivanishvili, leader of the ruling party. The houses are just the masterpieces of luxury, you will be able to observe them at a distance.
House Bedzina - 41.687967,44.797275. The house of Patarkatsishvili 41.685008,44.827782

15. Trinity Cathedral - is located in Avlabari district, includes 9 churches. It has above-ground and underground part, the largest Church in Georgia.
41.700445, 44.802545

16. The street of David Agmashenebeli, or David the Builder, renovated the house and has beautiful architecture, expensive paved. There are a lot of Turkish cafes, hostels and hotels, you can go to a Turkish dining room and lunch for 8-12 GEL per person. There is a beautiful Park In the middle of the street, it seems to be hidden from the eyes and if you come only once on the street, hardly pay attention to it, we'll give you exact coordinates. You can just sit in the shade or drink water from a fountain, the children will be interested in this area.
The street of David the Builder - 41.707084, 44.799117, Rose Park - 41.707869, 44.799937

17. The dry bridge – named because it runs over the road, and do not passes over the river. This bridge is notable because it sells many Antiques and art objects.
Coordinates of the dry bridge 41.700445, 44.802545

18. Restaurants over the Kura river - move to the Left coast and go ahead from the Avlabari district. You can visit the restaurants that overlook the Kura river and have balconies right over the river, it offers scenic views of the entire city, there are weddings and banquets.
41.683790, 44.825368

19. The house of Justice – building of modern construction in the form of a large woodland mushroom, this is a big permits and passport center, Tbilisi, Georgia, from the buildings laid curved pedestrian bridge above the roadway.
A house of justice 41.699494, 44.806004

20. The farm square – the place is not renovated, but here's the interesting road from Farm (Kolkhoznaya) square to Freedom square. There was found the remains of the old town during the construction of the road.
The farm square coordinates - 41.697158, 44.802782

21. The museums of Georgia – if you want to delve into the history of Georgia and the surrounding landscape, visit the Museum of Georgia, founded in 1919, or the art Museum. You'll find the memo dated 40 million years, archaeological artifacts and much more in the Museum of Georgia.
The coordinates of the Museum of Georgia 41.696158,44800247

22. The modern Tbilisi – Saburtalo district and Pekini street – there are no tourist attractions but it is a new city. A lot of modern shops (clothing, electronics) are there.
Pekini Avenue 41.724894, 44.770933

23. Metekhi Cathedral and the monument to the founder of Georgia, Vakhtang Gorgasali – located in the center, on a small hill above the river Kura. Interesting from the standpoint of pilgrimage and history.
Metekhi - 41.690265, 44.811070, the monument Gorgasali - 41.690265, 44.811070

24. Tbilisi sea – Tbilisi reservoir, there are places for recreation, because if you staying in Tbilisi, take a ride on the Tbilisi sea.
Coordinates 41.740404, 44.841220, Tbilisi yacht club - 41.737554, 44.857057

25. Tbilisi Botanical garden – there are no such beautiful views in the Botanical gardens in Batumi, but there also collected a variety of plants and shrubs that you can watch and listen to the story about this garden.
Coordinates 41.687400, 44.802426

We brought most of the major interesting places in Tbilisi. If you can't find something and you know about it – email us, we will be happy to stay at these places. We hope our article helps you.

We offer you a map of Tbilisi attractions in Russian. This guide should help you in choosing the route for exploring the capital of Georgia. Our map will help you with the sights more precisely orient and not to get lost among the many strangers or unfamiliar places.

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