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Return the car in another city for free

A very large number of tourists making requests to return the car in a different city from the place of receipt, that is, want to get a car in Tbilisi and return in Batumi. This service is paid, but can also be provided free of charge.

The cost of this service is available on web, someone considers it appropriate, somebody big. We present the rationale for the service, as well as how to take advantage of the car return service in another city - free of charge.

How much we spend

How much do we spend to return the car in another city? Let's say you decide to receive a car in Tbilisi and return in Batumi it means that the vehicle has to get back to Tbilisi, we will spend the following amount:

  • Fuel for 400 km - 28-40 liters (the road goes through the passes, that is why we can not speak about a strong fuel economy). Fuel cost 49-71 GEL
  • Tbilisi-Batumi Bus - 25 GEL
  • Travel expenses (round trip 12-14 hours) 30 GEL
  • If you need accommodation, but most likely it is necessary, as a man of 12-14 hours on the road in the highlands - 20 GEL (hostel)
  • The salary of the driver for two business days - 25 GEL per day, ie 50 GEL for 2 days, if it is on weekdays.
  • Total costs are minimal - 200 GEL

How much does one way service cost?

These services we offer for 235 GEL, including VAT, not all set costs can be attributed to VAT. If the cost of the service take rates of VAT, the cost of returning the car service in Batumi will be 193 GEL. We do not charge you extra money, we just cover the cost of return of the car service in another city, although it is possible and it is not cheap for you.

Take the service for free

How to rent a car in one city and return it free of charge in other?

There are a lot of cars that have been forwarded from one region to another, but they have to go back, you can call our office and specify your route today, we are happy to give you the opportunity to travel. Please note that 90% of all trips bought from Tbilisi to Batumi and only 10% from Batumi to Tbilisi, because options to use "One way" free, longer route Batumi-Tbilisi.

The service is "one way" may be provided free of charge if you order a few days before or day to day, because we are changing rapidly moving car, because to predict the availability of free car from heavier, but, as a rule, on the route Batumi-Tbilisi is always a 2- 3 car-free in the summer time.

If the rate of "one way" is not for you, than you can find cheaper option, we are pleased to introduce you to the possibilities of transport connections on the territory of Georgia, please click on the link for more articles.

We are pleased to offer you a variety of options, please contact, we will be happy to help.

Tel. (995) 571-951-951

Best wishes, Khair car rental.

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