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The credibility of the company

This paragraph is specially written for those people who are thinking whether to order or not to order, maybe this company is not reliable, etc. The question of trust is primarily a matter of fact do not deceive you regarding your order, vehicle, payment – no. If you receive a problems in the rental industry in Georgia, and it's even just the third company – write to us, we'll publish your story on our web, these things are simply excluded themselves rental company struggling with unreal rental and they have no place in the market. Out of practice – haven't seen such fraud in Georgia.

If you are afraid that you will be given the wrong car, check out the articles section on our website or in the circumstances – given the article is about the novelty of the car. We, like you find it hard to give a 100% answer. Everyone is a person and that one is super different, just awful. One ready to go on the Micra, the other doesn't want to sit in a Mercedes S class, because there's 2014, not 2016 release – just so it is written, so will not go. Everyone has a different income level requirements, because you need to choose your own, but to make reference to the conditions of the mills. You know that even a hotel 5 stars can be very different in Egypt is one in Turkey – both in Thailand – the third, and France fourth, although they all have 5 stars.

Question: Are you an international company or the company is local, how can I trust you???

Answer: Any international company developing the franchise, that is, the local people buy the right to use the trademark on the territory of the state and to deduct part of the profit to the company, the owner of the trademark. On the one hand you have the illusion of security, because it is a global company and its offices are everywhere, with another – try to make a claim regarding poor quality service in Tbilisi international company XXXX in the office in Moscow and tell you, thank you we will give, but it's franchisees, please, all questions to Tbilisi, of course, we will pass the information to New York or Berlin, but there will tell you, we do everything you'd expect. If the franchisee will be fraud, the more that you can save is the desire of the brand to reimburse you for the damages, though not the fact, because you should remember and understand that applying to any company, you are applying only locally.

Question: Reviews on the website ........., about your competitors, a lot is written very well, and a little about you, why?

Answer: We are not prophets or soothsayers, but very often the feedback is a way of manipulating the opinion of the consumer. We do not specifically name of the company or companies where you are manipulated, because it is "black" is, but we were surprised when the company "XXXX", which has only 5 cars write a hundred reviews, but that's about the company, "OOOO", which has a fleet of 150 cars, was written just 2 reviews. Agree that the number of customers is in the ratio of 5 to 150, and hence the proportion of reviews good or bad should go in that progression, but for some reason about the company with 5 machines written 100 reviews and about a company with 150 vehicles, only 2 – do not go on about, you can manipulate.

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