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Advance payment for reservation

We do not charge you for booking but if your booking falls on a peak of the season, or requires delivery of the car or we play safe and can deliver the car for you from another region free – you will be asked for pre-payment.

PEAK season is:

- Christmas holidays December 28 – January 12
- May holidays from 28 April to 10 may
High season late May – early October
The prepayment is 20% of the amount of your order. Order amount is the amount of the rental + the amount you order an additional service (the amount of the rental does not include Deposit).

The advanced payment is always taken when you order a car rental in Kutaisi region.

Question: Is there any other form that is prepaid? It is the first time I book in your company, and you are a company XXXXX, that’s why I do not want to pay in advance! I can send you the tickets, my friends can come to You, ........ In addition, I worry, what if you give me a car that I don't want or that I don't like, then in my failure, I lose my advanced payment?

Response: We are happy not to charge any payment from you, but unfortunately, we, like you also, are unable to determine the reliability of human intentions. In our practice there were cases when a user tried to book a car in several companies at the same time. We understand that the world of competition gives you a choice, please choose and order the car in one company, rent a car in several companies like either a Scam, or the unreliability of the customer. In such a situation, the customer is not met none of the company, to which he was surprised and threatened to write angry letters to every company that he is not met, and the same text sounded like in our direction, and our competitor, although the man has outsmarted himself. If you have booked a car, and for some reason we did not have a car in this region, we will deliver the car from another region and all of this at our expense because if you cancel the order without payment we will simply get a loss and a large amount of wasted time. What is the solution if you ask in advance and you do not want to pay to come and take the car in fact.

Question: My offer has no prepayment, I just come and take the car. I want to take your car for a special price, the Nissan Micra at GEL 50 in August, you can guarantee that when I come to the office it will be free100% if I didn`t book.

Response: If we can't put a reservation, we do not have a duty to You, you will be a regular customer, who comes into the office and takes any car that will be in the Parking lot and in the class. You do not pay upfront – do not have obligations to us, we do not have before You, consequently, our relationship begins from the moment of signing the lease agreement.

Question: What kind of document you can give me if I make advanced payment?

Answer: We can give you the contract of reservation, but our correspondence and our confirmation with specified conditions and final price of the public offer, which you accept by making an advance payment, respectively, and we fulfill the conditions You specified. Please note that Georgia has long made a big step forward for electronic document management, no one company have paper documents. They are all publicly available in the electronic registry and anyone who knows the Georgian language, can easily get online on the website of the justice all the information about the company, service is available 24 hours a day. Fraud is possible, but rather silly in your situation, since the police in Georgia works very well, is not corrupt and always on the side of truth.

Methods of advanced payment

The advanced payment can be made in the following ways:
- payment by card via the website
- payment on account of the company in U.S. dollars or GEL– the Commission is about 70-85 lari
- transfer to the name of the employee to Tbilisi via any payment system – 1% fee from the transfer amount
- payment by electronic money WebMoney: RUB, UAH or USD, account number given on request
- transfer to the card of Sberbank of Russia, our representative in Russia
- transfer to the card of PrivatBank Ukraine, our representative in Ukraine
- PayPal payment

Question: When do I have made a payment in advance? Do I have made it immediately after I fill the form on the website? Where to do, what are the details?

Answer: after sending to us pre-order we will send you a quote, you check, if necessary adjust. After sending the scanned (photo) copy of documents (passport and driver's license) or the data of these documents (a series + number+ when + whom the document was issued). Then we put the booking, we send you the reservation number, all the details and the amount again. Only after that you make the advance payment within 48 hours, at convenient for you Bank details.


You can cancel your reservation during 48 hours from the time of booking if your order should be implemented not less than 7 days from the time of booking the car. In case you made an advanced payment and refused the booking during 24 hours from payment, we return you amount in full size.

Example 1: you ordered on 12 March, the car on 05 May of this year, as of March 12 you have made advance payment for the car rental, then you can cancel your reservation up to 14 March inclusive, without any loss of the advanced payment.

Example 2: you booked a car rental on 12 March on 15 March, the prepayment is made, then a cancellation with a refund is impossible – you will lose Deposit if we cancel the reservation.

Question: I want to order a car, but I can happen force majeure, do you return me advanced payment?

Response: we have pointed out above that the advanced payment is a two-sided our and your guarantee for the obligations. We will refund it only in one case – the circumstances really force majeure: the house burned down, robbed the house, serious illness of a relative, we worry about you, because not only will refund the prepayment, and if we can be of any help – will be happy.

Cancellations of your bookings

If we sent you the order, all approved, but you refused to make an advance payment, and on it you stated or if you book a very long time (sometimes we enter into a conversation that lasts months or weeks and lasts from the moment of ordering to the time the reservation about 150 letters), conditions can change (because of the prices, the lack of cars in this class........). If you do not respond to emails within 24-48 hours (depending on the proximity of the date of hire) since our calculations – we will cancel your application.

If the assigned booking is different, you fixed the car 100%, however we reserve the right to cancel your reservation in case you have not arrived in the specified time for receiving the vehicle and did not notify us of changes in your plans. Note: if you specify the airport and the flight number, we will meet you regardless of delays of flight, but if you get the car in the office or in the city, then we will be waiting for 1 hour, after just remove the booking.

Question: I arrive at 12: 00, what time should I put to get the car from you? I do not want you cancel the booking. I have a customs and border ......

Answer: During your booking you specify a flight number and time of its arrival, we orient on time and flight schedules, we are waiting for you. Only specify the arrival time, even if we wait 1-2 hours, we understand that you passing control and baggage claim you may have for the delay – we wait, no one will leave until the last passenger, and after you'll be called if you have not found. Our phones are available 24 hours.

Question: what do you mean wait 1 hour if I booked a car to the office and made an advance payment? I ordered the car on the 09th in the morning, but came to 12th – now my advanced payment has burned down?

Answer: we always go to meet you and of course serve you at 12th, nothing will burn, but if you do not show up before 10 AM, didn't call us and don't answer the phone mentioned when booking, we will cancel the order and set the car to free sale if before 12th it will take – you can go on another car that wil be free, according to the price lists in a General manner, that is, the money will not be wasted, but the agreement was that when booking will be cancelled. If you do not fit the proposed car – then the advanced payment will be lost. Please count your strength, many can not cope with Georgian wine, because order the car in 09th AM, but in reality, come at 3 PM. Except in the cases is 100% payment of the order. If you have paid for your order 100%, not 20%, your booking will not disappear, only it will be strictly in the format that you specified, that is, the date and time of receipt and the date and time the vehicle is returned.

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