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What to see in Mtskheta

Mtskheta is one of the oldest capitals of Georgia. The city is small but stands in a very picturesque place. A large number of tourists visit Mtskheta, as the city is only 20 km from Tbilisi, because this is one of the most interesting sights outside Tbilisi.

Getting to Mtskheta is very simple:

  1. Taxi - round trip from Tbilisi about 30-40 dollars
  2. Bus from the bus station about $ 3 per person
  3. Rent a car - the price depends on the car class and the rental period

What to see in Mtskheta:

  1. Temple Svetitskhoveli - Orthodox Temple with a large relic - the coat of Christ, it is an architectural monument of the XI century.
  2. The nunnery of St. Nino - the complex includes not only the church but also the fortress wall. St. Nino preached Christianity in Georgia, here as well are the graves of Queen Nino and King Marian.
  3. The Mtskheta State Archaeological Museum-Reserve is a museum in which a large number of various artifacts have been collected from the Bronze Age to the Middle Ages.
  4. Bebriscihe - another name Belta, is a fortress on the right bank of the Aragvi River, located in the north of the city of Mtskheta
  5. Monastery of the Holy Cross Jvari - located on the opposite side of Mtskheta through the highway, is on the mountain. This is a temple of the VI century. It was the place that Pushkin wrote about, the place where Aragvi and Mtkvari merge. After the adoption of Christianity on this mountain, a cross was placed, and already in the VI century, the ruler of Guaram, built a church here. This is a UNESCO monument.
  6. Armaziskihe (Bagineti) - King Parnavaz declared Armazi to be a saint, this place is connected with it, here were found the remains of the fortress wall, the towers and the remains of the residence. Bagineti this name you will often hear from local residents.
  7. Fortress Armazi - a fortress which was an outpost and closed the country from raids. The area remaining from the ruins of the fortress covers an area of about 30 hectares.
  8. The monastery of Shio-Mgvime - is located 8 km from Mtskheta on the left bank of Mtkvari. The monastery includes objects of construction of different epochs and consists of a cave church, the church of St. John the Baptist, the cathedral of St. Mary.
  9. Zedazeni - the complex includes walls of the fortress, the church of St. John the Baptist, caves. Located 6 km from Saguramo in the forest.
  10. The Museum of Ilya Chavchavadze is located in the village of Saguramo, includes the writer's house, household items and photos.

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