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Mestia, enjoy Georgia with car rental

The village of Mestia in upper Svaneti - the eagle territory of Georgia, it is an amazing place for relax from the rough and tumble of life, worrying cares of the day and freshen up with new impressions and wonderful pictures of the mountain nature. Mountain regions of the Caucasus is primarily characterized by their towers and Georgia is no exception. ”If you even remotely like Georgia, visit Svaneti,” advised great Georgian writer Ilia Chavchavadze. Today to visit “land of thousand towers” is a dream of every tourist, every guest is Georgia. Svaneti is divided into two parts – Upper and lower Svaneti. The most notable place in Upper Svaneti Ushguli is a community, there is a whole "forest" of Svan Towers, which is famous for Svaneti. In Mestia you can find an airport that bears the name of Queen Tamar, it is located in the Northern part of the settlement, with regard to accommodation in Mestia, there are hotels and guest houses, they have different service levels and conditions. For this journey you can use hire a car in Georgia.

To Mestia people travel in summer and winter. In winter, due to the nature and ski resort Hatsvali, in the summer it is good for the natural beauty of mountains, lakes, cool mountain. If you use the car rental without a driver in Georgia, you will drive to Ushguli and then better to choose Hiking trails or sit on the vehicles with increased ground clearance, not just the similar SUVs, namely the vehicles with increased ground clearance. Service deliver tourists to remote places very much and the service is inexpensive. Do not try to climb by car to the mountains. Maybe the car will be able to call back, but there are a lot of dangerous places for drivers with no experience driving in those mountains. We understand that you are a professional driver, but the mountains don't like arrogance because it is better to confess yourselves inexperienced, and the probability of occurrence of emergency situations will decline.

Came to Svaneti – a walk to the Chalaadi glacier and the lakes of Koruldi. Talk with Swani one of the nation of Georgia.

Have a fun, book rent a car in Georgia and visit Mestia.

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