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Gudauri is a young resort in a beautiful natural area, located in the Kazbegi region at an altitude of 2196 m, from Tbilisi is 120 km and can be reached in two hours by car. The main sight of Gudauri is the free ride – descent through virgin fields. Good density of snow and a long season from December to April, creates a pleasant atmosphere to fall in love with the ski resorts of Georgia.

Gudauri is also a budget resort, liked by the Europeans, the Russians, the Ukrainians. Most people will arrive in Tbilisi or Kutaisi, there rent the car and drive to Gudauri. We specifically proposed roof rails, chains and cars for trips to the ski resorts. Very popular budget SUV which you can drive including Gudauri city. All vehicles are equipped with winter tires, that is why you will not have problems on mountain ascents and descents. If the pass is closed or there is heavy snow, the SUV will not save you, but none of the vehicles will not be allowed to mountains until the disaster blows over.

It is best to book a car rental in Tbilisi or Kutaisi several weeks before, because it can happen: you going to Gudauri in winter peak season and all vehicles are disassembled. You can place an order directly on our website. Upon arrival, everything is ready: the contract, the car, tires for the season, just pay for the rent and drive, enjoy your holiday. We simplify the procedure for you and make everything as simple as possible.

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