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Attractions Telavi.

Telavi is the heart of Kakheti, the region is astoundingly beautiful, a world of ancient temples and monasteries, the center of Georgian winemaking. The city is situated at height of 490m above the sea level, from Tbilisi is only 80 km, can be reached in two hours. By the way, in Telavi filmed the famous movie "Mimino". In the film "Mimino", the main character calls to Telavi from abroad, but it is connected with Tel-Aviv, which is not in Georgia, but in Israel, and there, as well live of Georgians, such a curiosity because of the pronunciation of the city name occurs.

Visiting the city you will enjoy the picturesque beauty of the Alazani valley and mountains. The city is also famous for wineries and you should definitely try Georgian wine Saperavi, Tsinandali, Kindzmarauli and others. About transportation, there is a bus terminal, where supposed to be buses to all parts of Kakheti, but at this station there is no timetable as to fall into such a wilderness? At any time, you can use the service of car rental in Georgia any class and at a very reasonable price with or without driver.

Telavi is known since the beginning of the XIX century, as a modern city, but do not think that this city is so young. This town has the memories of historians who write about the existence of this city in the I-II century AC. Telavi was the capital of Kakheti States and became part of Georgia in the times of David the Builder. Today Telavi is a small town with a population of about 20 thousand people. The ancient history of the city is shown by the century-old trees that have grown deep roots in Georgian land. The name of the city comes from trees, because "tela" is a tree in Georgian language.

The places of interest that is better to see:

Telavi is most often visited if tourists stayed in Tbilisi. Time of traveling from Tbilisi to Telavi is up to 2 hours. The distance between Tbilisi and Telavi is 100 km. Telavi became famous also thanks to the film of the times of the USSR "Mimino", when the telephone operator spoiled the name and connected a person by phone with Israel, Tel Aviv instead of Telavi.

Telavi is a Kakhetian land, therefore having visited Telavi you can say that you were in Kakheti. Kakheti is one of the regions of Georgia, in history it is also known as the Kakheti state, which existed in the early stages of time.

What to see if you go to Telavi, the main attractions are:

  1. Telavsky Museum of History and Ethnography Giorgi Chubinishvili - was founded in 1927 year. The museum is partially occupied by the palace of King Irakli II. In the museum you can see the works of Georgian artists and photos of the old Telavi and of course the library.Address: Prospekt Irakli ІІ, Building 1, Telavi, Georgia
    Coordinates:41.9178424, 45.4742277,18
  2. Cholokashvili Street - this is one of the best streets in Telavi, which was recently restored. Walking along it you will feel the whole color of the city and see the local architecture.
    Coordinates:41.9189427, 45.4708617,17
  3. Batoni Castle is a historical monument; the time of construction was 1667-1675. Here you will see the castle reign of Kakheti, the church of St. Archil, the fortification wall, the bath and tunnel that leads the castle's territory, and the church of Irakli II.Address: Prospekt Irakli ІІ, Telavi, Georgia
    Coordinates:41.9184783, 45.475624,18
  4. The Alexander Chavchavadze Museum is the center of Georgian culture. It's not just a house museum, it's a palace that belonged to a writer. A large garden is divided into the territory of the palace, which will cover you with its shadow. In the garden grows more than 100 species of shrubs and trees. Also in the museum a large wine cellar is assembled for more than 20,000 bottles.
    Coordinates:41.8946726, 45.5619656,14
  5. Tree of Platan - a tree which is more than 900 years old, a landmark of Telavi and Georgia, if the tree could speak it would tell us a lot. Platan reaches 12 meters in height, which is equal to a 4-5 storey house.
    Coordinates:: 41.9165037,45.4758733,17
  6. Park Nadikvari - a recreational park with attractions, footpaths and observation platforms.
  7. Old and new Shuamta Temple - located 7 km from Telavi, historical value and a large Orthodox relic. There is a three-level basilica of the 5th century and two cross-domed churches of the 7th century. The new Shuamta temple arose next to the old one, after the old cathedral was destroyed Irali II in 1762 rebuilt it. The new cathedral has a classical medieval architecture.
  8. Ikalto - a monastic complex of 3 churches to the north of Telavi is only 8 km, founded in the VI century AD.
    Coordinates:41.9449921, 45.3863501
  9. Monastery of Alaverdi - 20 km from Telavi, is located in the village of Alaverdi, founded in the 6th century AD, was originally a male monastery, but later a female monastery was built nearby. In the convent the members of the royal family carried obedience. The monastery has an excellent wine cellar; wine according to an old recipe is produced here.
    Coordinates:42.032484, 45.3750181,17

If we have not indicated any places and they have interns or you were there and would recommend them - we will be happy if you specify us; we will necessarily study the information and expand the article.

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